Women Are Different

Women are different!

For decades the fitness industry has trained women the same as men, or worse, encouraged women into aerobics classes telling them they will look like men if they pick up any weight heavier than 2kg.

This mindset came about in the 80’s bodybuilding era when gyms needed a softer image to market to women. The problem is it doesn’t work if you want to get toned and lean. This style of training focuses on calories not strength, muscle tone, or optimal health and performance.

We need to shift the focus from burning calories or earning a cheat meal from an extra workout or increased NEAT to adding some kilograms to the barbell. We need to empower women to be strong, lean and athletic, to build up their bodies not tear them down.

Women are different to men and respond better to specific training modalities than what works for men. The problem was that the majority of the scientific research was previously done on men, very few studies involved women. The industry had the notion that women were just small men. As more and more research is done involving women differences in physiology and the effectiveness of different training modalities have become apparent.

Women have a higher proportion of type 1 skeletal muscle fibres than men meaning women respond better to a greater training volume, are more resistant to fatigue than men and recover faster. Women’s hormones also play a large part in the training response. Men produce testosterone and this remains constant day after day, whereas women cycle estrogen and progesterone with the former being in the first half of the cycle (Follicular) and progesterone the dominate hormone in the second half of the cycle (Luteal).

Estrogen is a building hormone increasing the anabolic response from training and improving muscle mass, strength and the collagen content of connective tissue. Women are typically much stronger and can train harder during the follicular phase than during the Luteal phase when the catabolic hormone progesterone is dominate.

Women also respond to carbohydrates differently depending on the phase of their cycle, this is typically why women crave carbohydrates and chocolate during the luteal phase as progesterone has an effect on carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and storage. It’s also why it’s never a good idea to start a diet during the Luteal phase when cravings are greater.

The BNM Lean program is designed specifically for women wanting to be lean and toned. We know the science and understand the differences between men and women. We know how to maximise the training and nutrition to get women results, we’ve been doing it for years.

We are tired of watching the fitness industry push the same ineffective workouts that focus on weight loss rather than optimal health and performance. By understanding the different training needs of women we have created the BNM Lean program, a program to help women look, feel and perform at their best.

Stop fighting your hormones and physiology following ineffective cookie cutter gym programs that lead to injuries, overtraining and poor health.

BNM Lean is a periodised strength and conditioning program meaning it has different phases or blocks of training to meet specific training adaptations not just a “strength” or “cardio” workout. Everything we do has a purpose.

Do you have a mindset to the unrelenting pursuit to excellence, being that bit better every day? The BNM Lean program is a systematic process designed for women that get results! Would you like more information? Click here