Will This Make The Boat Go Faster

Will this make the boat go faster?

On Sunday 24th September 2000 the British rowing team coxed mens 8 were about to start their race on Penrith Lakes at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They hadn’t won an Olympic Gold medal since Stockholm in 1912, 88 years previously.

Four years before Sydney following their 8th place at the Atlanta Olympics they asked themselves two questions; we can keep doing what we always have and continue to get the same result or we can recognise that what we are doing is not working and that we need to do things differently and we must change.

So they began by asking themselves the question “will this make the boat go faster?”

Their goal was to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Sydney, to make the boat go faster, everything they did would be focused on making the boat go faster. So for four years every morning when they awoke they asked themselves the question, “will this make the boat go faster” will this help achieve my goal. Every thing they did, the gym, Friday night out, Facebook… they asked the question “will this make the boat go faster”

That day in September 2000 the British mens coxed 8 rowing team went on to win the Gold medal and become Olympic champions. They had made their boat faster.

Our days are constantly filled with “stuff” we have so many demands on our time but we all have the same 24 hours a day, it’s what we focus on and prioritise that determines if we achieve our goals or continue to get beaten.

Getting a faster boat comes from setting a goal and have laser like clarity and focus on that goal, hint – the stronger and more relevant the goal the more likely you are to change. Keep asking yourself the question “will this make the boat go faster?” It’s easy to get distracted to think that something needs our attention when in all honesty most of the crap doesn’t.

People either move towards pleasure or away from pain and moving towards that gold medal is a lot more powerful and rewarding motivator than moving away from pain.

At BNM we regularly check in on our clients and their goals, are they still relevant, have they changed, are they working it’s nurturing that mindset of achievement.

We call the BNM Elite program “Training With Purpose“, everything about it is programmed weeks in advance for one purpose to help our clients, get stronger, fitter, healthier and happier. To become high performance humans regardless of their age or ability and their mindset is a big part of their success.

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