What's The End Game?

Are you toiling away and training hard without any real sense of what the “end game” is or how you will get there?

If you were catching a cab from the airport, would you tell the cab driver to just drive to no particular destination and take whatever route they chose? Highly unlikely!

Yet when you join a gym you do the equivalent of this all the time. You are not really sure where you are heading or how you are going to get there. You just turn up to “classes” you follow the crowd without a thought, or do you sometimes think to yourself there must be a more effective way?

Do you ask yourself what type of training is best, do I run on the treadmill, do a boxing class or lift weights? Without a clear vision of where you currently are and where you want to be and the best method to get there you are just following the hope and dream program with everyone else.

When people reach out to us they are looking for a solution to a problem. They are tired of the yoy dieting, the endless hours of cardio or strength classes that do not provide the stimulus for muscular adaption.

Why would we then offer a “first week free” instead of actually sitting down with you and working out a strategy that will provide a permanent solution unique to your needs.

Too many people think the “class” is the solution, it’s not, it’s just a tool in a well-structured program that may use many tools.

Real solutions come from having a well thought out strategy to. When you have a clear picture of the end game and a proven strategy success is guaranteed.

The number one request we get from women is to lose weight and tone up. So the best way to achieve those goals is to incorporate some form of strength training into a program supported with a clear no BS nutrition program.

This is called specificity in the fitness industry. Serena Williams isn’t going to be doing hours and hours running on a treadmill, it’s not specific to her athletic goals to improve her marathon running. Serena would work on strengthening her shoulders, core and legs with the goal to increase power.

So when women want to get toned, code for building muscle why would they then run on a treadmill or do some group fitness class that does not provide a stimulus to muscle growth.

The best thing you can do before you sign up to some slick 6 week challenge that the gym or F45 is offering be clear in your goals, understand that to build muscle you need to be incorporating exercises that overload the muscle thereby stimulating growth and it’s not going to happen in 6, 10 or 12 weeks. That by building muscle you are turning your body into a metabolic furnance bursting with health.

If you would like to chat about why your current training isn’t delivering or you just need some help working out what your end game is the we would love to help you. We have been helping women for 10 years now and love showing people that it’s a simple process to look and feel amazing.