What Makes An Athlete?

What happens when you do what most people do in an effort to lose weight, restrict food and train hard everyday?

Sonia loves her Crossfit and used to train on average 7-9 times per week! 

About 6 months ago, Sonia reached out to us. After watching our Facebook page for some time, she was hoping we could help her with both her Crossfit and weight loss goals.

After chatting with Sonia, it soon became apparent that like a lot of people, she was training really hard and was not seeing the results she had hoped for. Her lifts in Crossfit, were only improving slightly, her weight was not really shifting and her energy levels were low. In fact, it was quite quite clear that Sonia was at a very real risk of over training.

Overtraining can be a real problem, and can cause a multitude of health problems.

Sonia is not unique. All too often we see enthusiastic people embark on new and exciting training regimes, without having the knowledge and tools necessary to match their nutrition to their training and individual goals. They mistakenly think that by exercising more and restricting calories they will get the results they desire.

You see athletes (which Sonia is) don’t ‘exercise’ and ‘diet’, rather, they ‘train’ (with purpose and intent) and ‘eat’. In fact we consider anyone that trains regularly with a goal as an athlete. Even mums and dad’s that hit the fitness centers need coaching in matching nutrition to exercise if they are to perform at optimal levels and achieve their goals..

But eat what?, and how much? you ask.

Luckily for Sonia, we have the skills and ability to coach our clients from both near and far.

As a Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist and Athletic Conditioning Specialist we know not just how to get a body transformation but also program nutrition and exercise for athletes like Sonia. Nutrition is key to athletic performance, even Milo market their sugar filled product as fuel for athletes.  We would rather fuel athletes with better fuel.

In only 6 short months of following our online coaching program, Sonia has made some amazing progress.

  • Meal prepping like a boss.
  • More energy for training.
  • Increased Confidence.
  • Better Time management skills.
  • 1RM on all her lifts has increased markedly.
  • Sonia has lost cms off her girth measurements.
  • Sonia now knows how to eat to suit her goals
  • Sonia knows how to make food work for her.
  • Now says no to cakes at work without the guilts.
  • Sonia will never diet again.

We are continuing to work closely with Sonia-supporting and guiding her while she learns to make these new habits stick, and to ensure continued growth and improvement.

All this has been achieved without calorie counting, without cutting out food groups, without boring meal plans. Sonia gets to choose what she eats based on her likes and preferences.

Now, unlike before, Sonia has all the energy she needs to perform at her best each time she enters the gym. Sonia can now focus on her lifting goals, knowing that her nutrition enables her to get the absolute best from every workout.

We are all very proud of Sonia and her achievements, she continues to go from strength to strength.  In fact she just entered the Crossfit Games and we look forward to hearing about successes now and in the future. Thank you for reaching out and trusting us to help you with your training Sonia. We love helping people fulfill their dreams.

Regardless of where you train or what your athletic goals are if you are looking for help in maximising your performance, staying consistant and really kicking some butt then give us a shout.