What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

What could ‘future you’ be capable of?  By Emma Knights

Do you have potential in you, that you have not yet realised?

My word you do.

Sit down quietly and ponder this question.

Chances are, deep down you know you are capable of so much more but are crippled with worry, fear and self doubt. This is normal. You are not alone. This is precisely what holds most people back from achieving greatness, their limiting beliefs.

Seeking out help , and committing to the process enabled Lisa to overcome her limiting beleifs

Meet Lisa, a 45 year old mum of 3. If 18 months ago you asked Lisa what her future self was capable of, her response would have been much like yours.

“I dunno.”

“Maybe, but where do I start?”

“I couldn’t possibly…..”

18 short months ago Lisa lacked confidence in herself, was struggling with her weight, a niggling knee injury, a daughter about to start year 12, a teenage son, and a daughter about to begin Kindy. She also spent her weekends drinking a little too much alcohol and not much else.

I asked Lisa this question two days ago. Her response:

“Anything is possible!. After what I have just achieved, nothing can bring me down!”

During one of the hottest weekends this summer, Lisa did something very special.

Lisa set herself a goal (that scared the crap out of her) of completing the Spartan Super. A 14 km, 30 obstacle race on the Gold Coast. For those not familiar with Spartan check this out: https://youtu.be/VbQKZwpZQcA

I accompanied Lisa to this event, and I can tell you the nerves were real!

A very nervous thumbs up!

Not only did Lisa complete this event, she smashed it! Her results were outstanding, especially considering this was her 1st serious obstacle race!

10th in the 40-49 year womens category out of 104 competitors!

82nd overall out of 571 female competitors of all ages placing her in the top 14%!!

Remember Lisa is 45 years old.

Winners are grinners.

Although Lisa achieved an amazing result that we are all very proud of. Even more special is what Lisa has achieved emotionally and mentally.

Did Lisa know she could do this? NO. But she tried anyway.

Is Lisa an elite athlete with years of experience and training under her belt? NO (well not yet anyway!! Remember anything is possible). But she had a go anyway.

Was Lisa full of doubt and fear? ABSOLUTELY! (I can vouch for this… the car trip to the event was interesting!) But she went ahead with the plan anyway.

Has Lisa learnt that she is brave, gutsy, and extremely capable? YES!

Has Lisa experienced how good beating those doubts and fears feels? YOU BET!

Now, the possibilities are endless for Lisa.

That’s not all for Lisa either! Next is Spartan Beast in May- a mere 21kms and 30+ obstacles!!

To us here at Results PT Studio, Lisa’s is a true transformation. Not just a physical transformation in fitness or weight loss and physical and mental strength, but one that comes from the inside…  A total transformation that will last forever!

Lisa is now an awesome role model for her children, showing them how to take care of themselves, and how rewarding it is to challenge yourself and come out a winner. Inspiring her children and all those around her that anything is possible when you overcome those limiting beliefs.

Job well done ‘Pet’.

What is future YOU capable of?

What potential is in you, that is yet to be unleashed?

Transformation tips:
  • Set goals. Start small, and build confidence.
  • Challenge yourself. Who knows what might happen?. Failure is a bruise. Not starting/ quitting is a scar and lasts forever.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people, who will support your goals.
  • Get yourself a coach not just a trainer. Success is rarely achieved alone.

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