Weight Training & Discovering My Identity

I started training to rediscover my identity after dedicating 14 years to being mum…. The irony of it all, was that I discovered being ‘MUM’ was the best identity I could ever be. Our children love us no matter how we look, how many kilos we weigh, or how much chocolate we eat. They love us unconditionally. I often say to my clients to try and view themselves the way their children do.

To love themselves just the way they are, without judgement or criticism. I began my journey with group fitness classes and was loving the improvements to my cardiovascular fitness and energy levels. I would watch the girls and guys in the FIRE groups and was seeing the great transformations they were getting and knew deep down that I wanted to do what they were doing. So I did.

Weight training has ignited a passion in me that is hard to describe, and in igniting this fire, I have also learnt that I can be an even more powerful and positive role model to my children (especially my daughters) than I ever imagined.


These are the things that barbells and dumbells have taught me….They translate to everyday life and living, and by taking myself on this journey, my children are seeing and learning too.

  • Through weight training the focus has always been on what my body can do, and how it can perform, rather than losing weight. Of course my body has changed, but not because I focussed on that. Rather, the focus was on building instead of losing… I got strong and weight loss was the by-product of that. Again the irony..
  • When I look at myself in the mirror, I see strength. I see a body that I have pushed to the limits- sometimes winning sometimes losing- but it has never given up on me. It has lifted weight that in the beginning seemed impossible but with consistency has been surpassed. I see a body that deserves the utmost RESPECT. And every day, my daughters get to witness me love and appreciate my body. Not ridicule, criticise or feel ashamed of it.

Both positive and negative body image is LEARNED. Don’t ever forget that.

  • Resistance training coupled with nutritional education has given me the POWER and KNOWLEDGE to change my body composition- unique to my goals, fuel my body for whatever my goals may be, and keep my body in optimal health now and for the future. I feel very privileged to be able to educate my family and pass on these skills that will last a lifetime.
  • The barbell has also taught me another lesson…perhaps the most important. Sure, the barbell gives opportunities to getting stronger, building resolve and changing your body shape… But, (here is the lesson) it doesn’t give a shit about you. A lot like life in general. It doesn’t give a shit if you turn up or not. Win or lose. Succeed or give up. You pick the barbell up and work- you get life changing results. You don’t. You get nothing.

It’s that simple. Life is really that simple. Turn up, do the work, make the effort, even when it’s hard. The results will be awesome. Take it or leave it. This is one of life’s harsh realities that I want my children to understand and be familiar with.

Its up to the individual. Always was, always will be….

Over the last three years I have developed a pride in myself that sometimes surprises me. I have achieved some amazing things and ticked off some long held goals…. But, my greatest source of pride comes from sharing these lessons and achievements with my children. I am a MUM after all, and my influence is powerful and infinite. #fullcircle

Don’t delay starting your journey. Don’t sit on the sidelines for fear of failing. Hard work will guarantee results, but time is never guaranteed!

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