Want Results? Get a Coach

Do you have a coach? Are you wasting money at the “gym” busting your ass and missing out on the results you desire?

I recently caught up with one of our Accelerate clients Katie for a chat to see how the program was working for her and what changes she had noticed in the last 6 months.

Katie and her friend Regan (also on the Accelerate program) used to do their own training circuits at the local gym but it wasn’t working. Sound familiar?

They weren’t changing in body composition, getting toned or losing fat, which after all was why they were going to the gym at 5.30am.  Along with the ineffectiveness of their workouts Katie who has struggled with a sore back since injuring it at a “bootcamp” 5 years ago would quite often reinjure it.

“I started training with Phil at BNM 6 months ago. For the first time ever I have found a program that works.

I’ve tried every diet and training combination known to man but none have dealt with the real issues of bad eating habits. Or taken the approach of nutrition for health not weightloss.

Its a program that is easy to follow and gets to the root of the issues through easy daily habits. It also addresses issues of self love, sleep, stress and a host of other health related issues. I love the weight training, it pushes you but always within our capabilities and I’m loving how my body is changing shape getting leaner and more toned.

The BNM team of Phil, Em and Tiff are really hands on coaches that want you to succeed. They really care about where you are now and how to move you forward.

I’ve suffered with daily back pain for the last 5 years but since starting strength training with BNM I am now rarely in pain. I also get the added bonus of working out with an awesome like-minded group of women each week. The team environment is great for accountability and being surrounded by women that support you no matter what is a great culture to be around.

I feel like I’m in the best shape physically and mentally than I have ever been. I’m down 6kg, getting leaner and more toned, my arms have curves and I’m getting a booty! Feeling confident and looking good. A Brand New Me.

It’s hands down the best decision I have made for myself. I have more energy to keep up with my pre teen girls and now have a more active relationship with them as they both like gymnastics and being active. I now get to have a more active role in their lives instead of being limited because of pain or fatigue.

I feel really good about myself and my kids benefit from a happier, healthier mum. It’s wins all round. I’m looking forward to the future and where this will lead me.”

Thanks Katie!

You wouldn’t throw a soccer ball to your kids and expect them to develop the skills necessary to perform at their best without a coach. Athletes, business people, little boys and girls all have coaches to teach and guide them. Not all trainers are coaches, we are ASCA who operate under the AIS certified strength and conditioning coaches. We have the training, experience and skills to get people results. Want ot talk? Click here to book a free consult. or phone 02 6650 0062