"Small steps over time add up to big changes"


Trainer - PHIL Atkinson - 20kg down and still going.

How would you feel if you had tried every diet and detox known to man, some twice in case you did something wrong or missed something the first time around?

How about when none of that worked and you employed a Personal Trainer and all he knew was to calorie restrict, made you count every calorie and had you train 6 days a week?  But when you can't function as a mum, wife or person anymore because you are trying to exist on 1200 calories a day you again give up thinking you are a failure.

Then one day in your new town you walk in for your consultation and after pouring out your story the owner tells you "it isn't your fault it's the fitness industry, it's broken" 

You then don't step back into the centre for another 3 months for fear of being judged, you are lacking self confidence and afraid this just another failure  coming up?

10 months later you now are down 20kg, you are looking and feeling amazing, life is good.  You eat a lot of healthy nutritious food, never counting a calorie and having the knowledge to make food work for you in any situation. You still enjoy treats but you aren't looking for them every hour. You no longer fear going out or struggling fitting into clothes, in fact the struggle is now how long will these cloths last before I need a smaller size.  

Tiffany Fun Run

The family now do fun runs and your daughter is learning that she will never have issues with food or body image as you now know how to make food work for you.  Nutrition and exercise skills you are passing onto your kids. You now lift weights and are an inspiration to the other ladies in your FIRE group who are just beginning their transformation.

You know the weight will never come back because you have learnt not just about good nutrition but so much about yourself, you are healing from the inside out growing in confidence and ability.

Congratulations Tiffany and thank you so much for trusting in us and allowing us to show you there is a simple way to optimal health.