Stacey Burdoe

"I have changed into a completely different person"


Trainer - PHILIP ATKINSON - A young mum & Uni student.

Stacey Burdoe posted the following  to the group.  It reads: 

 "I wasn't going to do before and after pics because I didn't think a lot had changed.  I don't know where I have been the last couple months because clearly I missed something.  One and a half FIRE rounds later and one MP Nutrition Program down and this is where I'm at.  It feels pretty fucking good!!!  Glad to have met so many great people through this whole experience.  In the beginning I didn't want to post to the group because they see enough of my shiny new toy but I had to share what I am now leaving the house in.   Just a year ago I would never have worn this in public and sure as hell I wouldn't have fitted into it.  I can't thank you enough for the influence you have had on my life in general.  It's not just about the physical changes but the whole package.  You are great at what you do." 

Stacey was embarrassed about her baby pouch.   Stacey piled on the weight after leaving home and tried all sorts of diets and her weight yoyo'd.  As you can see from the photos Stacey has lost 20 kg following MP and is now a genuine size 8, something she thought she would never be.  She also now has the confidence to wear shorts, (she loves showing off her new legs, especially after leg day) and took her mother swimming wearing a 2 piece, something she would never have done before.  Friends that haven't seen her for a while ask her if she has stopped eating or on the air and water diet.  Stacey just laughs and tells them she has never eaten so much food in her life.  Her classmates at TAFE are amazed at just how much food this young lady takes to school with her and how organised she is. 

Did I mention Stacey hates cardio? Stacey is a busy young mum who is studying Accountancy.  In fact Stacey was doing 6 months work in 6 weeks so training endless hours in the gym wasn't an option for her.  She only trains for 1.5 hours a week. 

Stacey has bad days/weeks where she doesn't get her meals right, but she recovers and just gets back to doing what she loves - lifting weights with her awesome FIRE group and eating well to fuel her body.   Stacey is an amazing young lady and I have loved watching her grow and become more confident every week and seeing how much energy and love for life she now has. Thanks Stacey for letting me help you.