Simone Welsh

"Nothing like the sense of achievement you get when you finish one of the sessions!"


Trainer - PHILIP ATKINSON - An Inspirational lady.


"Exercising and fitness have always been a part of my life since I was a teenager. After I had my last child I decided I needed to lose a few kilos and decided to go back to a gym environment to help with motivation. I've been training with Phil and Brand New Me for around 2.5 years and I've achieved so much in that time. Since starting the "Fire" and "Metabolic Nutrition' program the results are amazing. He seems to have a knack for knowing what I'm capable of and doesn't let me slack off. He gives you just enough leeway to keep you focused but not enough that you're not pushing yourself to finish the set. Phil, Alice and Emma are fun to work with, great for results and truly excellent trainers. I would recommend Brand New Me to anyone who needs to get focused and stay focused. Nothing like the sense of achievement you get when you finish one of the sessions!"



Simone is an amazing mum of 3 young boys, works 2 jobs and is currently studying Certificate IV in Accounting, a very busy time poor lady.  MP and FIRE have given her the structure to support her fitness goals and her busy lifestyle, Simone trains less than 3 hours a week and has energy to burn.  The thing I love about Simone is that she has big goals and one of those goals is her health and fitness.  While most mum's sit at the pool reading magazines while the kids do their squad training Simone has her runners on and off she goes.  The same goes for the kids football training, Simone doesn't stand there gossiping with the other mums she is smashing out a quick circuit and inspiring the other mums to join in.  What I love about MP is it's nutrition the whole family follows, it's not some silly diet that only you do for a short time. Simone's children now help with the food prep and have a better understanding of the importance of good nutrition matching their own training goals, so important when they leave home and have to look after themselves.

Simone's Children

Everything Simone does she does with 110% and the results are there to see.  Well done Simi, you are inspirational.