It's a Game Changer

Alison Front before and after

Alison's Testimonial

Just over 12 months ago I re-connected with Phil, organising to pop into the Brand new Me in Coffs Harbour to see what his programs were all about after following his facebook page and seeing all the transformations.

I hurt my back in 2014, Prior to this I had been reasonably good to a point exercising regularly and eating well (what I though was pretty healthy).  But after the injury I gradually put on loads of weight, I was really tired all the time, I often felt very anxious, I ended up on blood pressure medication and just felt really sorry for myself.  I had lost control of me and my health.  My back pain became my excuse.

I knew that I had do something but also did not have the determination to get off the couch and do anything about it.  So after finally getting the courage to see Phil on that Thursday evening, I signed up that weekend whilst sitting on the couch . 

I remember rocking up on the Monday for my first class, I was so nervous and all I was worried about was not spewing.  The rest of the crew made me feel comfortable straight away.  I got though my first class …..I turned up the Tuesday, and could barely walk/move but kept turning up.

Signing up has been a game changer.  With the group classes and the Nutrition program I finally felt like I was on the right path.  My goal initially was to get healthier, fitter and lose weight but as I progressed through the program the focus changed a bit to my mental state.

It was not long before I started shedding some weight, feeling fitter, sleeping better and creating good eating habits that it was not hard to keep it up and it has become part of my daily routine.

Initially I could only get to 3 classes a week but with some changes to timetable, it changed to 4 then BNM Elite began I now achieve mostly 6 classes a week.  Its something for me….my time!

My headspace is so much clearer, I am happier within me. I have more confidence, and I don't worry about the scales so much anymore. It is more the physical changes to my body that I concentrate on now.  Keeping up my habits and turning up each day the results seem to continue regardless, and I just strive to be a little better each day.

Each day now is just as hard as my first day but that's what drives me to go each day.  Every day is different so you never no what you are walking into…..

Even with a few little injuries of late,  not turning up was never going to be an option with the "new me".

The guidance and support of the great team of Phil, Vaughan, Dan and Emma, anything is possible.

I have not had physio for my back since I joined BNM and I am off my blood pressure medication.

I love that it is not pretentious and that the great crew are all there with the same focus and offer loads of encouragement all-round.

I have had so much positive feedback from work colleagues, clients, friends and family regarding my progress so far.  Makes me feel really proud and wish I had joined up sooner. Better late than never!!

Thanks BNM……