Transformations are like space travel

Why is transforming yourself like a flying a space rocket?

After the big decision to launch that initial push at liftoff requires a massive effort, the most amount of energy over the whole flight into space. Every engine on that rocket is going at 100% to break free from the gravity that holds the rocket in place. The middle part the flight to the stratosphere (the longest part) still requires

work or the rocket will fall back to earth but once it’s in space it is cruising. It appears very little effort is required to move the spacecraft.

Transformations are very much the same.

It’s a big decision to change and requires a lot of effort initially, but you have a good reason to launch, you have found a reason WHY that is bigger than your excuses. Yes you will be sore as those muscles that haven’t worked in years because you sit on your ass all day are suddenly upon to function.

Your muscles strain under the load and need to repair and overcome the soreness but they will and get bigger and better because if it. They adapt so that you don’t feel that soreness again, you become stronger.

After the launch, the honeymoon period is over and the excitement starts to wane, this is mid flight, the longest part of the journey. This is where you start to talk yourself out of it. That critical self talk, looking for easier solutions, maybe your friends were right, maybe you should give up now while you are still alive. The trick here is it’s easier than lift off but still requires consistent effort if you are to reach space. If you stop it’s back to Earth you go with a thud, only to give up until the next “snap” point.

It’s this continued effort mid flight that sees most people head for the quick fix diets and supplements, the magic pills. You have done the hard work at liftoff now it’s the new habits that are a struggle to maintain and they’re hard to change, harder than the exercise. You just want to fall back to Earth and give up but you don’t, you know it’s consistency. Any great sportsman, businessman or researcher knows that it’s consistently showing up and taking the swings at bat that will eventually get you to the stratosphere.

“you have become bigger than your excuses”

Congratulations, you have reached space and the view is amazing. You look back and pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high five and stare in wonder at this new body and what amazing things it is capable of. You seriously look back and cry at the BS and excuses you were telling yourself, you have become bigger than your excuses.

You are in cruise mode now, the new habits are now working and you wonder why you struggled to get here. It’s amazing, you are still putting in the same work but it’s easy now you have become awesome but you know you have to keep turning up or everything gets burnt up on reentry.

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