Trainers Train, Coaches Change Lives

What do you notice in this picture of the Macksville Falcons U12 Girls touch football team? 11 talented young girls and 2 coaches. They are a great team competing in the NSW Junior State cup today but how did they get to be so good?

Touch football is a quick game that requires quick thinking and skills for both attacking and defending.

So how did these girls learn the skills of passing a ball, creating gaps and passing the ball at the exact moment to put a teammate through a gap for the points? How did they learn to play the ball, communicate with each other under pressure and execute a plan for winning.

They have Coaches, people that teach them the skills required to achieve great things. Without coaches they would just be 11 girls running around without skills, direction or structure required to succeed. In time they would get tired of not winning, not achieving their goals and just give up.

Wait a minute. Can you see the parallels to regular gyms?

You just join up and follow the hope and dream program. These gyms are very keen to have you become a member but then forget about you. Their Facebook posts are all about discounts if you sign up now, or what their timetables are. Their adds don’t show you awesome transformations of members because they don’t care and cannot produce them. They don’t have systems for getting Results, they don’t map out a journey for their members.

No one is there to help find out your goals, coach you through a body transformation, empathise with you when life get tough, congratulate you on your successes be there with you on this journey. Coaches play the long game to get you results.

Coach Mark Rippetoe and Coach Dan John, two of Americas most respected coaches discuss commercial gyms.


  • Teach people how to exercise properly and safely.
  • Coach people so they feel confident, capable, and satisfied with their workout or nutrition program.
  • Help people stay motivated to reach their own health and fitness goals.
  • Create a welcoming and fun environment.
  • Help people set personalized goals and track their progress.
  • Develop programs that match clients’ needs.

This from Tony Robbins’s Facebook page.

“Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Be more productive? Or just have a better relationship with your spouse or children? GET A COACH. Unlike a therapist, a coach will not focus on your past, but your future, and he or she will help you break through any barriers keeping you from a life of fulfillment.”

Results PT Studio specialise in tailoring the right solution to get you amazing Results. We understand that you will have good days and not so good days. We regularly review your goals and  accomplishments to make sure we are giving what you need for an amazing transformation.

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