Think Differently

The fitness industry pushes all manner of diets and training methods that often just leave people confused. In fact the more obscure the more likely it will get a following, butter in coffee anyone?

According to the Suncorp Bank, Cost of Being Fit Report In 2015 Australians spent $8.5 Billion or $2340 per houshold on diets and fitness. There are celebrity weight loss challenges, gym memberships are growing but often see people give up and not attend.  Some weight loss programs have you counting calories or scoring points like eating is a some weird health game like golf where the lowest number wins. Then there are the meal plans that just tell you want to eat without addressing what foods you like or those habits that see you having fast food each Friday night.  There are even home delivered meals that also don’t address habits but also leave people hungry and snacking between meals.


Actual meals prepared by BNM clients

Even with all this industry noise and effort the number of overweight Australians continues to grow. Almost 66% of Australian adults and 25% of children overweight or obese. There were 22,700 gastric surgeries in 2014-15. 1.7 million Australians have Diabetes and 1 person every 5 minutes is diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  There are 4,400 amputations a year and almost 72,000 are vision impaired because of Diabetes, clearly something isn’t working.

At Brand New Me we think differently. We use an evidence based approach to health and fitness, ignoring the hype that the fitness industry is so good at that often leaves people confused and feeling like failures. For almost 10 years we have helped hundreds of women and men transform not just their bodies but their attitude and knowledge of health and fitness by focusing on habits, mindset and the desire for good health.


Alison working her shoulders and core improving her health
Our clients get real results, in fact we guarantee it. We are specialists at helping clients permenantly lose weight and getting healthy. We do this by building up not taking away. Instead of the typical fitness industry spruiking eating less and exercising more, which tends to leave people tired and hungry, our focus is on good health. We specialise in building strong lean bodies through good nutrition, strength training and effective cardio programs. We build bodies that can perform well for whatever task is asked of them by making them stronger and healthier.

Brand New Me clients don’t diet or count calories, they know about good nutrition and the importance of resistance training, not just for strong lean bodies but for the mind as well. At Brand New Me we educate our clients,  so that theyhave the skills to eat and train for health for life. They also have the confidence and mindset to tackle anything life throws at them.

So I challenge you to think differently. To give up on the 6 week challenges, detox’s and diets and eat for good health. To step away from the pump classes and treadmill mentality that just wants you to spend your life in the gym trying to lose weight. I challenge you to learn about good nutrition, not just for you but for your family’s sake and I challenge you to perform resistance training with real weights.


The more weight these ladies lift, the leaner and stronger they become. Lisa lifting 120kg

I challenge you to think about how you could mentally shift towards wanting to perform at your best and be amazing rather than thinking about what you can cut out of your life to lose weight! Focus on being the healthiest version of you possible, whatever that looks like

Think Differently! Try it, what have you got to lose?

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