There's a mummy on my roof and she's NOT eating cake

There’s a mummy on my roof and she’s NOT eating cake ‘Mummy is on a diet. She eats lettuce, tomato and cheese. My Big brother eats peanut butter sandwiches. I eat honey sandwiches. The hippopotamus on our roof eats cake all the time.’ Reading this children’s book to my daughter recently and this particular page sparked a lot of thought inside of my head.

How many households with mums and small children does this particular scene relate to? How many people out there are depicting this very message to their family? And what damage is it causing our future generations?

Changing my lifestyle was important to me for a number of reasons, however my number one reason was for my children. I set out to improve my health and fitness in order to be a better role model, I wanted to be able to provide my children the tools required to live a healthy lifestyle every day of their lives, from childhood right through to adulthood. I wanted to teach them the importance of self-care, I wanted to ensure they learnt how to love themselves and I wanted to teach them what good food and physical fitness can do for their bodies and wellbeing.

I had spent my entire adult life up until joining Results PT Studio now Brand New Me, chasing the diet train, jumping from diet carriage to diet carriage, slowly but surely losing my self confidence and identity and I knew that I didn’t want this for my children. I didn’t want them growing up thinking that food is the enemy and that not loving your body was the right way to live.

I have always made sure not to speak negatively about my appearance, my weight or about following a diet in front of my children for these very reasons. When I started out on my journey seeking better health and fitness I also made sure not to discuss my weight loss around them either. Whenever I talk about my body around my children, I talk about how healthy/fit/strong I am feeling/looking and when I talk about food around my children, I talk about what benefits nourishing food has for our bodies in how it works and makes us feel.


When I exercise, I want my children to see it’s because it is a celebration of what my body can do, and not a punishment for what I have eaten, and when I eat, I want my children to see that it’s because it is what makes me feel good and energetic and not the basis of a new diet that I am following.


As proud as I am of what I have achieved, I don’t want my children to be proud of me for losing weight, I want them to be proud of me because they see me committed to my health and fitness, because they see how strong, fit and healthy I can be and because I do my best every day to ensure the whole family is fed nourishing food. Our children learn what they learn from us, they learn daily habits, they learn how to feel about themselves and they learn how to relate to food.


The world is overrun with diets and it’s easy for many to get lost in the sea of paleo, Atkins, Zone, calorie counting, intermittent fasting, no sugar, detox’s, whole 30 etc but wouldn’t it be great if our children could grow up in a world where there is no such thing as a diet?  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if we could all just learn how to eat sustainably for our bodies. Wouldn’t it be great if we could eat without having to label it with a diet and just eat because it’s what makes us feel good? Even better, wouldn’t it be great if we could teach our children that living a healthy life is about more than what we do or don’t put in our mouth?

Do you need the tools to help improve your lifestyle and send the right message to our future generations? Are you interested in learning how to live a healthy life, eat wholefood that makes you feel your best, not count a single calorie or worry about eliminating whole food groups? If this sounds like something that interests you then let us coach you in nutrition, exercise, sleep, lifestyle, recovery, behaviour change, social support, and mindset.


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Article by Tiffany Townsend who has had an amazing transformation losing over 25kg and is now studying to be our next Personal Trainer 🙂 and Precision Nutrition Coach because she wants to educate families how to get off the diet train.