The Secret of Success

What is the secret to success? Why is it that two people can have the exact same information yet only one succeeds?

It’s not knowledge, they both have the same level so what is it?

Remember the last time you really wanted something?  What were you prepared to do to get it?

Maybe it was asking your partner on the first date and you had to overcome shyness or the fear of rejection. Maybe it was a new car or a piece of jewellery and you had to make lifestyle changes or work harder to achieve it.

Facebook recently reminded me of a photo taken over 4 years ago. The photo was of me deadlifting, nothing unusual there except this was taken at Physique Essentials in Wodonga some 1100km from Coffs Harbour. So why would I spend 4 days driving, fuel, food and hotels, drive to Wodonga just for a weekend workshop?

My friend and colleague Josh Dickinson (JD) was holding a training weekend where he would be teaching training techniques and the systems he uses with his clients. JD has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, has won the Mr Australia title and still competes at 40 years of age. JD also has the enviable record of having trained many MP transformation winners, trainers from around the world and athletes including a world record holder powerlifter, he knows what he is talking about and how to help his clients achieve their goals.

This was another opportunity to learn from a highly qualified trainer, to better my skills. In the ten years since becoming a personal trainer I haven’t stopped training and mentoring with the best both in Australia and overseas. I want to be able to help our clients cut through the hype, get off the diet merry go round and achieve outstanding lifelong results. I want people that train at Brand New Me to succeed, whatever their goals are.

Strength training with Australian Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb and Dr Andrew Lock MSc Physiotherapy

Our clients expect that we are the best, they want results based on science not hype. They want programs that are followed by Olympians, MMA fighters, NRL players and world class athletes because these programs work regardless of ability. Would you rather drive an Audi or a Datsun?

Our clients all have goals. They want to lose weight, get fitter, get off the medication, live a healthy life, be stronger and have more confidence but the difference is in the actions they take to achieve those goals. If you really want something you will take action, you will make it a higher priority than Facebook or sleeping in and you will continue to take action until you accomplish that goal. It’s what we call your “WHY”, the stronger the why the more effort you will put into the goal. You won’t rest until you achieve it.

When people stop making excuses for why they can’t and start to focus on the reasons why they have to, they tend to succeed. Successful people have coaches regardless of whether they are athletes, business people or mums and dads that want to live a more fulfilled life with their family. Good coaches get results for their clients.

If you are ready to succeed and prepared to take action we would love to help show you how simple success can be just by taking action. Your first small but massive action step is to complete the free consultation request and we can get started on helping you find your awesome.