The Perfect Body

Imagine you are walking along the beach, it’s a glorious spring day and the suns rays feel warming upon your body. Not long now and summer will be here and all the winter clothing will be peeled off to reveal the all too familure damage a winter of sitting inside eating pizza and watching Netflix has accomplished. You long for the day when you don’t have to worry about diets and why your energy levels are crap. You are tired of thinking about how you look and that you would rather hide away, you lack the confidence to really get out and enjoy life,  you tell yourself you need to lose weight and start exercising for the tenth time. One day you will start, you promise yourself.

Ouch!!! You let out a few choice words as your bare foot crashes into a hard object, as you look down expecting a large rock you are surprised to see a metal object. Reaching down you pull the object from the sand, it looks like one of those genie lanterns you see in the movies so of course you give it a rub…


Woosh. Out from the smoke emerges a genie who looks cross at you for waking her up but she soon shakes it off and smiles at you, says hello and informes you that you get just one wish, just one.

Hey this is really cool you think, how lucky am I, this wish will solve a lot of problems but what to wish for? I could wish for a million dollars, no wait 10 million, better still how about make me the richest person in the world. All the money in the world think of the possibilities but wait they say money doesn’t buy happiness and I’m not the healthiest person in the world and I’m carrying a few extra kilos. I have like zero energy, don’t sleep very well and I’m really worried about my last checkup and if my partner finds me attractive anymoe. Money won’t fix that.

I know! Genie “I wish for the perfect body”.

Boom, in a flash you find yourself standing there looking and feeling amazing. Bo Derek was in the movie 10 but you look and feel twice as good. This is awesome, you can’t wait to get home and show everyone how amazing you now look. You thank the genie and sprint off home, you have energy to burn.

Wow, how good is this! Your partner is showing interest in you that they haven’t shown since you started dating. You feel so good, not a care in the world, you seem to effortlessly get things done and your confidence is way up. Everyone you meet is eager to spend time with you, to learn what your secret is, you look amazing. Life is good.

Let’s fast forward 12 months, you have gained those 15 kilos back, the energy levels have crashed again and your doctor is looking to prescribe anti depresents because you can’t cope since your partner left you. Your self confidence has hit rock bottom as you just want to stay inside eat pizza and watch Netflix. Work is a drag, life is a drag and you can’t see how it’s ever going to get any better. You wish for anoyther miracle.

What went wrong? You had it all, the health, confidence, relationship and looks everyone wanted, but that’s a distant memory now. You remember reading that 70% of people that have financial windfalls wind up broke again Maybe this is the same thing.


Everyone wishes for good looks and optimal health in fact many will try and improve their health and looks by joining a gym, doing a fitness “challenge”, performing a detox or spending big dollars on some other fast fix program or supplements that promise amazing results. Maybe a meal plan.

You see the thing that none of these “fixes” do is address the underlying habits, the lifestyle that got you to where you are today. They also don’t educate you on how to make nutrition work to help you look and feel great. Like the Chinese proverb says “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” People don’t learn by having a book handed to them. Imagine how many extrordinary chefs there would be if all you had to do was buy a cookbook.

To keep that amazing body and health you need to know how to maintain it for life, it does take a bit of work, not as much as you think but anything worth having in life is worth working for.

Brand New Me specialise in educating clients about good nutrition and resistance training. Our programs are designed to provide optimal health to our clients, for life, we don’t just do workouts. That’s why our clients don’t diet or follow meal plans they understand the right type of exercise to look and feel amazing and have the confidence for whatever life throws at them.

If you would like to learn how to maintain a healthy body then get in touch today and let us see if we can help you.