The Magic of Exercise

It’s not every day you have someone contact you to put on weight but it does happen.

You see putting on weight on a scientific level is no different in principle to someone trying to lose weight, it’s all about the calories in and out. The weird thing with most ectomorphs (skinny people) is what happens to their metabolism when you increase calories, it actually speeds up to compensate for the increase in calories and to keep the person lean so they need even more calories.

Now what do you think happens when you increase calories above maintenance in a skinny person and you overcome the increase in metabolism? That’s right like everyone else they will put on weight mostly fat, not what most people wanting to increase weight want, in fact I have never been asked to make someone “fatter”

This was Tony who came to us to put on weight but what we didn’t do was start feeding him dohnuts, ice cream and chocolate that would have just turned him into Homer Simpson. No we increased Tony’s calorie intake with lean proteins, good carbohydrates such as rice, oats, quinoa, vegetables and fruit and good fats.

But that’s just half the story, remember we don’t want Tony looking like Homer so we add in resistance training. A program designed to build muscle, a program that is going to grab all those excess calories and turn them into muscle not fat. As experienced transformation coaches we have a toolbox full of tools, having systems and programs that can provide solutions to our clients instead of just following the hope and dream program most gyms offer.

In 10 weeks Tony has gained 3kg of lean muscle, is stroonger and moves better. In fact Tony has wound up with many health benefits from putting on weight! He recently sent me this great testimonial.

“For the last five years I have been suffering from lower back pain and tightness.  I was taking pain killers nearly everyday.  I had seen a sports physio, chiropractor and numerous masseurs but had only achieved very short term results. I actually starting going to Brand New Me to improve my strength and muscle tone and put weight on. After about 8 weeks of seeing Phil twice a week my pain had completely gone, as well as feeling healthier and stronger.  With Phil’s mentoring I now have a completely different relationship and understanding of food and nutrition. I can see the long term benefits of Brand New Me.  For me I liked that it is all about small life changes to achieve long term goals.”

Well done Tony, looking fantastic mate.

If you would like to work with a dedicated team to improve your health and at the same time lose or gain weight by learning about food and never dieting again we would love to chat to you. We offer a no obligation free consultation to really find out about your needs. This isn’t some hard sell, it’s finding out about you and if we can work together. People that think they want to lose weight aren’t our clients, gyms are full of those.

We are looking for people that are truly commited to change and looking for real solutions to improve their lives, relationships and health. People that are tired of trying everything, struggling and feeling like a failure. If this is you or you just want a chat use the contact button below, fill in the free consultation request 1/2 way down the page and we will give you a ring and try and help.