The First Step

‘The first step is the hardest’….

It sure is!

Recently I competed in my first ever bodybuilding/ fitness competition. What an experience! I had so much fun despite feeling like the total newbie that I was!


As you can see in my photos, I have not always looked this way. Many of you have only gotten to know me since my own transformation, and some of you may be looking at these images for the first time. Rest assured, the girl on the right didn’t suddenly wake up on comp day looking like this, and although a typical comp prep is usually around 3 months (which is what I did), the real transformation took much longer. The vast majority of the hard work was done well before the comp prep even began!

What I see…..

The girl on the left feels flat.

The girl on the left lacks energy and vibrancy. Keeping up with the family and life in general is becoming more difficult.

The girl on the left sees herself in photos and CRINGES.

The girl on the left knows she is in the worst shape of her life, and knows the time has come to stop putting everyone else first and start making herself a priority.

The girl on the left is on medication, and knows the clock is ticking. The longer she delays the harder it will be.

The girl on the left is UNHAPPY.

When I look at the girl on the right I see…….

A girl who has worked her ass off…. Literally! Haha

A girl who has made sacrifices and stuck to the plan. Even when things got tough. Which they did!

A girl who recognised when she needed help and asked for it. No shame in that!

A girl that didn’t play victim despite having her own personal hardships along the way.

A girl who is fulfilled and proud of her efforts, but is still hungry for improvement.

A girl that is absolutely blown away by the positive impact her choices have and are having on her children.

The girl on the right is feeling AWESOME. Yes because she has lost weight and can now wear a bikini! Yes because she has more energy. Yes because her husband and kids are proud of her. But MOSTLY because she is achieving her goals! Nothing beats setting a goal for yourself however big or small and achieving it! Personal satisfaction and being able to high five yourself trumps all the physical changes.

You want to feel this way…. I know you do. We all do. We all want to feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled. I did it. You can too. Don’t wait……..  Are you ready?