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Here at Brand New Me we know we have a damn good studio and product. A product that consistently gets our clients results and a studio that our clients want to train at. 

The BNM Lean & Strong program is an evidence based Strength & Conditioning program designed to help you gain confidence, move better, boost your energy and look great in your clothes.
Brand New Me is a private purpose built studio providing supervised training where the focus is on improving our clients long term health not just short term weight loss.
A "studio" is not a commercial fitness facility that allows for unsupervised training on a mass scale like most "Gyms".

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Typical Results:

Improve muscle tone

Drop a belt notch

Get Stronger so you can do daily tasks without the struggle

Have More Energy than ever before to keep up with family and life.

  • Nutrition Support with a Qualified Nutritionist

  • 1 on 1 Discovery Session

  • Movement Screen

  • Small Group Training

  • Move, Sleep, and Feel Better

  • Private FB Group, be part of the community

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