Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

How often do we hear or say this phrase? We know that building a house takes times, that working towards a promotion or studying a course takes time and that planting a tree and waiting for it to grow takes time.

We also know that when building a house we need a quality builder to build it, that when completing a course or working towards a promotion we want it to be reputable and when growing a tree we know that it needs nourishment and care in order to thrive.

Yet when it comes to weight loss, our physical appearance and health, we want it all yesterday and many of us don’t care how we get it, just make it happen now! If only we slowed down and applied the same principles as above and thought about what we might be able to achieve in a year instead of just one day, we might just make some progress and actually achieve some goals.

I used to want the quick fix, I wanted to lose X amount of kilograms in X weeks and I tried every single diet (more than once) to try and achieve that goal. I told myself I wanted a lifestyle change, but my actions contradicted that. I spent 12 years stuck on the yo-yo dieting track and over that time I found myself struggling more and more. I struggled more with my weight, my appearance, my self confidence, my body ached, my energy levels were almost nonexistent, my anxiety increased and my happiness decreased. I withdrew from myself, I was less inclined to meet new people and I was more critical of myself and my abilities. My level of self love was low and I could feel myself distancing myself from my husband (because how can I believe that my husband loves me if I don’t love me?). I had become increasingly inpatient and stressed and instead of enjoying my children I was becoming overwhelmed with managing life, simply because I wasn’t managing my health. With each failed attempt of changing my lifestyle, I found myself digging a deeper pit and I started to wonder how could I ever climb back out?

Luckily for me, 12 months ago Phil from Brand New Me (then Results PT Studio) approached me and asked if I would allow him to coach me through the online Precision Nutrition (PN) coaching program. I had already been participating in the ICE (group fitness) and FIRE (weights) classes at Brand New Me for 6 months and I was more than eager to do something that would educate me on nutrition and assist me with that lifestyle change I had been chasing.



It’s now 12 months later and my PN journey has come to an end, it’s been an amazing journey, and I’d highly recommend the program to anyone. In fact, I’ve felt so inspired by the entire process that I have signed up to become a PN coach myself! But with that being said, what did I actually achieve in that 12 months I hear you ask?

I’ve lost 16kgs and 83cm. I’ve developed a love affair with weights and I’m strong ya’ll! I can prepare healthy nutritious meals with my eyes closed (although I’d probably not recommend this!) and I can meal prep like a boss! I’ve been able to establish the skills required to master the grocery store, kitchen and my plate regardless of where I am and I can now make decisions based on what is important to me (show me a meal plan that can do that???)  But all of that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In 12 months I have been able to better establish what is important to me about my health and fitness and why I wanted to achieve what I set out to achieve. I have learnt to be more accepting of myself and to become my biggest cheerleader instead of my worst critic.

I have embraced the importance of self care, mental wellbeing and rest. As a working mum who has learnt to take time for herself, I have become able to prioritise what is important for me to achieve each day and feel less stressed in my daily life. When real stress occurs, I am able to better manage it and I bounce back faster from unexpected events.

I am a calmer and more patient parent and I feel better connected to both my children and husband. I am more present in my life and I feel as though I am truly living rather than just existing.


I feel empowered, energised and happy. I feel strong, capable and liberated. I feel motivated to share and inspire.

12 months ago I just thought I was going to be learning about nutrition and what not to eat… (pssst the answer to that is you can eat anything).

Most importantly I have learnt that results are not achieved through perfection, but through consistently improving a little each day. Little things add up to BIG things, because let’s face it… Rome wasn’t built in a day.


If you want to work with a quality, reputable coach who will nurture and guide you, reach out to the amazing coaches at Brand New Me (you might even work with me!)  and find out what you’re capable of achieving in 12 months!  I’m Interested