Why relying on willpower only leads to failure (and its not your fault)

Will power is a fickle friend. Some days, she is right by your side supporting your every decision. Other days she is nowhere to be found, the only proof of her presence- the guilt you feel for having lost her yet again.

Will power is not only fickle, but she is finite as well. Use her too much, exhausting yourself in the process and she vanishes into thin air. Leaving you lost, alone, and without your decision making compass, feeling like a failure…. Again and again and again.

If this sounds like a crisis you can relate to then you are not alone. A perfect example of when this crisis commonly strikes is the supermarket. By the time you reach the checkout, after denying the nagging and pleading of your children through every aisle, and making hundreds of decisions about dinner, school lunches, which brand to buy, sale items vs non sale items, affordability etc etc, child number two begs for a chocolate at the checkout and you suddenly, without much fight, cave in. To hell with it! You might as well have one too! It is no coincidence that all supermarket chains strategically place temptations at the checkout. They are all too aware of this psychological condition known as decision making fatigue, or will power burnout you are suffering at the end of a shop.

Experiencing this exhaustion of will power doesn’t make you a failure or less disciplined than size 8 Jenny from the P & C, it simply means you are perfectly human, and that you likely have too many decisions to make on a daily basis. We say to HELL with willpower! We say nobody succeeds relying on will power alone. If will power is your only weapon in the fight for weight loss, then it’s only a matter of TIME before you will fail.

Imagine this….. Your will power is a massive cruise ship docked at the harbour. However, it is not anchored to the harbour because it is a big strong boat, where could it go? Who could possibly move it? You, are on the dock surrounded by temptation, consistently and relentlessly leaning on the boat because it’s all you’ve got. At first you feel ok, the boat is strong and you feel empowered and motivated. You lean on this for quite some time, convinced that it will support you and hold you up. Suddenly you find yourself in the drink!! Lungs full of water, shocked, surprised and even mortified that the ROYAL CARRIBEAN just gave way and no longer held you on the dock.

Willpower is fluid, it is just like that boat floating on the water. Lean on it for long enough, it won’t matter how big or strong your boat is, eventually it will float away and leave you fighting to keep your head above water.

We say to HELL with will power! We teach our clients to focus on their ENVIRONMENT. Set your environment up for success by creating sustainable habits, removing temptations, and reducing the amount of decisions needing to be made, and you can easily “shape the path” to a very successful outcome. Minimal will power required!

You are a Ferrari, one of the most impressive and powerful cars on the planet. But somehow instead of being driven on a race track, you have been plonked in the mud. There is no possible way to demonstrate your power and explore what you are capable of in the mud! Your ENVIRONMENT matters!

At Brand New Me we don’t allow our clients to continue bashing themselves with the “I’m not perfect” stick, instead we help them plan a strategy to achieve their goals! We teach them how to create an environment where their Ferrari can perform at its best. We show them how to make the best racetrack for their success, because without the right environment you are just spinning your wheels.

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