Our Purpose Is Not Fat Loss

Women judge their self-worth and success on a number on some impersonal object that records overall weight, not fat. Your body is made up of water, muscle, bones, connective tissue and yes fat so focusing on fat loss is like focusing on just the tyre pressure on you car. What about the oil, water and everything else that the car needs to run well? You can’t fix a flat battery by pumping up the tyres.

The thing is when you focus on fat loss by dieting you are focusing on the wrong thing. Without expensive testing equipment such as a DEXA scan you have no way of knowing how much fat you are losing when you diet. How much of that weight loss is water, muscle or fat because the body doesn’t choose, it grabs energy from whatever reserve it can.

You keep telling yourself that when you lose weight you will be happier, more confident, have a better life, be a better mum, you will start living.

Most women that diet and lose weight do not feel more confident, or have a better life. They normally feel deprived, lack energy and are still unhappy especially when the weight begins to return. You keep cycling through these mental states telling yourself it’s going to be different this time, you will try harder.

Fat loss is not a lifestyle.

What if your goal was to be healthy and active?  To be able to keep up with the kids and put the spark back into your relationship?

What if you did things that built you up as a person rather than focusing on taking things away such as food and time with family – whilst you run on the treadmill for hours?

Would you like to be able to take the family to the beach without feeling self conscious about your appearance? How about hiking with the kids or bike riding?

How about to show your kids that dieting and focusing on fat loss only leads to misery and low self esteem. What if you could educate them on what good health is so they never have to diet?

At Brand New Me our purpose isn’t fat loss. It’s teaching you about healthy food and eating more of the good stuff. It’s having you perform strength training that not only helps get you lean and toned it builds self confidence and a strong mind. Our purpose is to have you focus on good health and being the healthiest possible version of yourself, regardless of what that looks like.
If you are ready to focus on health and being awesome then fill out the obligation free consultation form HERE and start a new healthy guilt free chapter in your life.