Mindset Matters

Training mindset.. 

There’s never a perfect day for training, we all have things going on in our lives that we use as a reason to not give our all, every day you could find an “out”, find the reason you can’t do something.  

It could be that it’s a session you don’t like (most of the times it’s what you need most) you could be too sore, you might have slept poorly or you could be arguing with the kids, I could go on right? 

With so many things happening It can be really tough to get ‘out of’ you’re head whilst training or even before we get to training. Like for example today we were doing low rep range dead lifts. After we built up over a few sets, my coach aka training buddy said put 120kg on the bar. My immediate response was “I can’t do that.” 

Well what do you think happened? The damn thing didn’t move, Which I know for a fact I can because my pb is higher than that.  

I thought to myself WHY are you talking yourself out of this? I’m too tired, I didn’t have good technique, it’s too heavy, I don’t want too. Then I thought of my why. Why do I put myself through this? Thoughts came pretty quick-  

  • I love feeling strong  and empowered
  • I love feeling accomplished  
  • I love pushing myself beyond being ‘comfortable’ 
  • I know in order to get stronger and the body I want I need to keep pushing my limits and I trust my coach.  

You see, at our gym when we get stuck on something for no particular reason we say “walk away and come back with a stronger mind” so I walked away, took 5 minutes to myself outside of the gym and came to the conclusion that my WHY was way more important than any reason I made up to think, I can’t.  

With these positive thoughts in my head, I put chalk on my hands walked up to the bar with more purpose and got my 3 reps, easy. I felt myself smile from the inside. That feeling of accomplishment.  

So my point is, next time you’re putting yourself down or selling yourself short during your training, walk away from whatever it is you’re doing and take 5 to think about WHY you’re there and what is important to you, ask yourself “is giving up going to get you any closer to your goals” 

 Oh and trust your coach.  

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