Meal Prep Tips For Busy People.

Food prep, there is never enough time, always too much to do, we may as well just eat what’s easy to grab, who cares about the quality it’s just food, right?

Well, not necessarily, as a mum of two and working full time (my day starts at 5am) I find being prepared with our food makes my week run so much smoother and the quality of the meals are much greater. Being prepared means we are less likely to grab a take away or look for something quick and maybe not so healthy.

Here’s my routine. Every time I get groceries before I unpack them into the fridge, I chop up all of the veggies, celery, cucumber, capsicum, beans, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, spinach, kale etc. “Shop n Chop”.

This way if I want to make a stir fry or salad or any meal you can just grab the containers out of the fridge and throw them into the pan. Also having chopped veggies in the fridge, the kids tend to snack on them because that requires less effort on their behalf, haha.

Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, I cook an array of meat usually chicken breast, turkey steaks, beef mince or any kind of mince. The kids can then have them on wraps or sandwich’s for school lunches. Again, it’s super accessible and easy for me to throw together for dinner.

On Sunday I also cook a few meals so all I have to do during the week is either reheat or add something quickly to make the meal complete. For example, this week I made a spag bol sauce so all I have to do is cook the pasta and viola dinner is ready. I also made a chicken Thai stir-fry so again all I have to do is reheat and garnish with some toasted peanuts and spring onions.

Having all of this done in a lazy 2 hours of a Sunday afternoon takes the stress out of “having” to take the kids to their afternoon activities. I get to spend genuine time with them whilst not having to stress about dinner or lunch the next day.

I feel more accomplished knowing my children are enjoying a healthy array of food, even though we are so busy. Sure, we have treats but ‘unhealthy’ food is far too accessible for busy families. It doesn’t take much to build a food prep habit. If you need help or ideas reach out here we would love to help you.