Junior Athletic Development Program

Giving every child the best chance of engaging in lifelong, health-enhancing physical activity.

Hi, I am coach Phil, and earlier this year I created a 12-week Strength & Conditioning program specifically for 11-17 year-olds after recognising a need to provide juniors with a safe and structured Strength & Conditioning program.

The Junior Athletic Development Program (JADP) is designed to help kids be more athletic get stronger, be more powerful, move better, perform better, and have better focus in and out of school as well as providing education on how to perform strength training safely regardless of their current abilities.

I am an Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Certified Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach. The ASCA is the ONLY accrediting body for strength and conditioning coaches in Australia as recognised by the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission.

The ASCA Accreditation identifies individuals who possess the knowledge and skill to design, implement and review safe and effective S&C training programs.

The JADP's mission is to improve the quality of sport and physical activity so that participants could realise their potential, whatever that may be.

It is the planned, systematic, and progressive development of individual athletes and is the answer to one fundamental question:

What needs to be done at each stage of human development to give every child the best chance of engaging in lifelong, health-enhancing physical activity? And for those with drive and talent, the best chance of athletic success?

There are a lot of "fitness" programs available for kids but the JADP is special. There is nothing like the JADP to help junior athletes achieve rep level or higher in their chosen sport. Even if your son or daughter doesn't play a sport they will benefit from moving better and learning how to approach the weights room at the local gym safely and effectively.

I am very well assisted by two of BNM's young trainers Emily and Josie who are part of the QLD Baseball Development squad.

What's included in the JDAP:

🎉 Weekly session every Monday or Wednesday 4-5 pm

🎉 Goal-setting session

🎉 Nutrition advice

🎉  Strength & Conditioning program

🎉  Stretching & Mobility work

🎉  Feedback and advice from expert coaches

🎉  Learn how to use weights safely and effectively

The cost is just $140!  

 You can sign up Here  If you need a payment plan please contact me at philip@brandnewme.com.au.


NSW Active Kids Approved Provider

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"For us it's Personal. We want you to get Results, and we guarantee it"

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Our Trainers

Our specialist coaches have undergone training with some of the world's leading coaches, nutritionists and Ph.D.'s to provide our clients with the best evidence-based program possible.  Our focus is on helping clients become superstars, to be the healthiest possible version of themselves. We don't focus on weight, we focus on optimal performance, vitality and health because we believe being a healthy weight is a consequence of having a healthy body.

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Our Programs

Our JDAP is designed to make our juniors stronger and more powerful so they move faster, are more agile, and are way less likely to suffer an injury on the field.

Statistically female athletes are 9 times more likely to tear their ACL's than male athletes. Our JADP program is designed to improve the strength of the hamstrings, train ground reaction forces, and improve balance reducing the risk of injury.


We Encourage

We encourage our athletes every step of the way to provide them with a structure that is both realistic and effective.  In our safe and capable hands, we will ensure that our athletes reach their goals in an enjoyable, non-intimidating environment.