It's Easy When You Know What To Do

Article by Liz Gold. I would like to share my story so far with you all. I realise it’s only been 12 weeks but I feel amazing. A couple of years ago I wanted to lose 10kg (which I lost but found afterwards!) I starved myself, walked for hours each day, rode the exercise bike for an hour each day sometimes twice a day until I was exhausted and felt awful. Why?

Because I thought this was how people lost weight, this is what the regular fitness industry recommends. As I soon discovered you run out of energy and cannot function properly during the day. Sure you lose weight but it wasn’t sustainable, the weight always came back with a bit more until the next time. After 3 months of learning new ways of eating and exercising I’ve lost 7 kgs and 25cm. In that time I have only done two classes a week of weights training that last 45 minutes each time. I have loads of energy and haven’t even looked like being sick. The other day I deadlifted 92.5kg, not bad for a grandmother! Thanks to Philip Atkinson and Emma Knights and the support of the other lovely ladies in my FIRE class for your encouragement each time. This way of losing weight is so much easier than what I’ve done before! The last 12 weeks I haven’t felt hungry at all, I feel strong, healthy, happy and now have the skills to never diet again.  Thank you Brand New Me and Results PT Studio for educating me on a simple, sustainable way. If you would like more information on our Accelerate Program then just click this link.