Inspirational Young Mum

There is no quick fix, eating healthy is a lifestyle.

I had a surprise visit at this morning’s TRX Class from former awesome member Stacey Burdoe.  After class we had a catch up to see how she was going. Stacey is a true inspiration and an great example of what a solid program, good coaching, and a burning desire can really achieve.

Stacey came to me in March 2014 to lose weight and the dreaded “baby bump”. She joined our weights program, who about halfway through their 12 week program.  At first she struggled like mad as the girls in the program already had about 7 weeks head start on her. It’s fair to say Stacey really doubted herself and what I had thrown at her.  But to her credit she kept turning up and doing what was asked and giving her best, a winning mindset.

Week by week Stacey’s confidence grew and the results started to show.  Each week there was less “baby bump” and more tone to the legs and arms.  The fat was starting to vanish.  By the time Stacey moved to Port 10 months later to begin her degree she had dropped from a size 12/14 to a toned size 8 following MP and training 1.5 hours a week. Stacey is now a size 6.

“Helpful” friends were telling her “don’t take protein you will look like a front rower”, “you are eating too much”, “don’t lift weights, you will get

bulky”.   Stacey trusted me and blocked out the “noise” from all the “magazine experts”.  When you are trying to get fit it seems like everyone is an expert in nutrition and exercise.

Stacey now attends a gym in Port Macquarie and marches straight into the weights area. The boys think she is amazing and she has better arms than some of them.  The gym is her “Happy Place” leaving her worries at the door. Her commitment to her training is a given. There is no debate about not going to the gym.  Missing a workout is NOT an option she even contemplates.  It’s too important to her that her family live a healthy lifestyle and she’s a healthy happy mum.

Her son Ethan now almost 2 begs to go to the gym with her, and does his own little workout including push ups.  Stacey calls him her little “gym junkie” and he tells mum off if he knows she’s been for a workout without him.  Somehow I don’t think Ethan will be hitting KFC in his teens. Since beginning her Nutrition program Stacey has not been sick with a cold once! Prior to MP she told me she would be sick every winter. She had no energy and her hormones were all over the place.  Stacey has lost over 20kgs, built an impressive set of abs, and lost all that fat whilst building lean muscle.

The MP Nutrition program, her commitment and a great coach have given Stacey the tools and knowledge to maintain her health and fitness anywhere.  There are no quick fixes when it comes to health and fitness; you need to make being healthy a lifestyle that is simple to follow.