Imagine the Pain

Imagine trying to sleep on your couch at night (so as not to wake your partner) with a hot water bottle, dosed up on neurofen from the pain of diverticulitis.Imagine waking up tired and sore everyday from this nightly ritual. Imagine struggling to do day to day activities because you not only struggle with diverticulitis, but sciatica as well. Perhaps you don’t need to imagine, because maybe this is you?

Or you can empathise because your story may be much of the same frustration, despair and heartache. Now, imagine if you fast forward six short months and….

    • Symptoms of sciatica…. GONE ✔️
    • Suffering from diverticulitis… NOT ANYMORE ✔️
    • Loving feeling strong!…. YES ✔️
    • Feeling empowered to deal with life’s hurdles…HELL YEAH! ✔️
    • Developing lifelong habits and behaviours that guarantee your healthiest life yet… ABSOLUTELY ✔️
    • Participating in 8km obstacle races…. YESS! ✔️
    • Scale weight and measurements going down down down…. SURE ARE! ✔️


Imagine how good it feels to be free of all that suffering. Imagine how good it feels to have the best fun participating with your friends and teammates in an obstacle race, when six short months ago even going for a walk was becoming a struggle. Imagine knowing you have the power to turn your life around and not be destined to live with unnecessary pain and illness.


What would that be worth to you? ????

This is just one story from one of our amazing clients. We have many clients who are currently enjoying these and other benefits gained from our ‘Accelerate’ program. As lifestyle trainers we are here to help transform lives, help people achieve their goals, their hopes and dreams.
If you want off the diet treadmill and learn how to become the ultimate super hero the contact us today to jump on a free call to see if we can help. 02 6650 0062