How the hell did that happen?

I bet not many of you remember me looking like this?  In fact, even I got a shock when I stumbled across these photos.  It’s very easy to forget how far you’ve come if you don’t take the time to look back once in a while.

In a conversation with one of our members recently after seeing these photos, he commented “we just thought you were always a gun” (thanks Jimmy).

But this comment really struck a chord.

Now being a trainer here at Results PT Studio, it might be easy to assume I have always looked the way I do now.  Or even perhaps that we don’t have to work hard to stay in shape or that we have some secret genetic compound that others don’t have.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth and I wanted to use this opportunity to set the record straight.

These photos were taken of me right before I joined Results PT Studio almost 18 months ago. I was a punter just like anyone else that steps into a gym/ fitness centre.  I was feeling sluggish, lack luster, and carrying more weight than I had ever before.  I was on anti depressants and generally felt pretty ordinary.  Being in my mid thirties I knew that time was no longer on my side, and that if I didn’t act soon I’d begin to have serious health issues. I would also struggle to keep up with my family who are pretty active.

As soon as I left Results PT Studio after a chat with Phil, I was committed.  I could tell Phil was very passionate about helping people, and as long as I had the desire, he had the knowledge to help me.  In a very short time I came to discover that through Results PT Studio I had found the solution to my problems.  I soon learned that being healthy was not going to be a quick fix nor a temporary solution, quick fixes don’t work.  This was going to be a complete lifestyle change that I could both enjoy and sustain long term.

Fast forward to now, and I feel great. I look better and function better than I ever have. I am now a qualified Personal Trainer (I love training people) and MP Transformation Specialist (there is so much more than calories!), an active member of the local Surf Life Saving club, a soccer mum, as well as running a household with 5 children. The best part is, I have all the skills necessary to keep improving!  When I look to the future I am excited and inspired.  I am really looking forward to setting and achieving some personal and professional goals in 2016.

I guess what I am really trying to say, is that just like you I had to start somewhere.  I hit my rock bottom and I went looking for answers.  Just like you, in the very beginning I was scared, and I had my doubts about how much I could achieve. Actually, I think I had forgotten how good it felt to be energetic and vibrant and confident with my appearance.  Just like you I had to take the plunge, or bite the bullet, or make the leap.  But as they say, take the leap and the net will appear.

I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, but I am being truthful when I say that with persistence, and effort it definitely gets easier, and the process becomes enjoyable.  It’s making good decisions consistently, having a solid “WHY” and great coaching that will get you over the line…permanently.

I understand you are time poor. I understand you still want to have a social life, while achieving your personal fitness goals.  I understand you have families and jobs and other commitments that use up time, energy, and resources.  I understand this not because I have all the right things to say, but because I am living it too.  I am juggling my commitments just like you.

At Results PT Studio we train for results, and those results will be as individual as the person achieving them.  We eat for results, no starvation or deprivation.  We do not spend hours and hours in the gym, as we all have lives to get back to.  Most of us very busy lives!!!

If you are looking for answers, standing on the edge, wanting to make a change, or just plain freaking out….. Take the leap, be brave and take life by the ‘you know what’s’ in 2016.

Contact us regardless of where you live, we can help. We have solutions for your problems, and can coach you to the best version of you.