How Good Is Your Team?

Magic happens when you decide to improve your health and then surround yourself with a proven, skilled team that supports and encourages you.


Changing lifelong habits is hard, it takes a lot of to and fro’ing, self talk and courage to take that initial decision to ask for help.  At Results PT Studio we know that is what you are asking for when you step in the door, not a membership.  Too often in the fitness industry it’s just about selling memberships or a workout, not providing a long term solution.

Having that support network of like minded people around you and trainers that want you to succeed is critical to your success. It helps you get through the tough stuff because change is tough when you are following the regular “hope and dream” program most gyms and bootcamps sell.

You wouldn’t attempt to “wing” a wedding or a trip abroad, you would draw around you people that had the skills and ability to map out and deliver a plan guaranteeing success.

So it was with Jamie.  Jamie walked into our community one Monday night for his first class, Metafit one of our toughest classes and gave it his all.  At the end of the class we were chatting about his goals when he had to duck out for a spew.  On returning with a big smile on his face he said “where do I sign” and he hasn’t looked back.  Billy Ocean sang when the going get tough the tough get going and this is Jamie in a nutshell. He is just one of our inspirational members always encouraging and friendly to everyone, especially those beginning their journey.

That was July 2016 just after their holiday in Europe and Jamie weighed 93kg, was about to turn 50, was on medication for cholesterol, had zero flexibility, no energy, and struggled doing everyday tasks.

I caught up with Jamie this morning after class and asked him how far he had progressed in the 6 months since joining. His Results are a testament to his commitment to himself and his family to improve his health.

Jamie now weighs 77kg, down 16kg!

He no longer takes medication for cholesterol and will probably be taken off his blood pressure medication when he next sees his GP. The list of improvements in his life in just 6 months is amazing:

  • Increased flexibility 60%
  • More productive at work as a manager with the RFS
  • More energy
  • He and hi wife Jo do more as a couple
  • Jamie now cooks breakfast
  • More active at home
  • Better concentration
  • Stronger mentally
  • Improved relationships with Jo
  • Role model to his kids and family

There is no way Jamie is going back to his old ways, the quick fix mentality so many people try and fail at just doesn’t sit with Jamie.  He knows this is for life, his life.

Congratulations on an inspirational transformation Jamie, you are a leader and role model to those around you.

If you would like to be like Jamie and get off the meds, have more energy, be more productive and have an amazing relationship with your partner and family then contact us today to see if we can work together. You only need to contact us for help