Have You Purchased The Wrong Bat?

I took up baseball 2 years ago and I absolutely love the game, but I almost quit in frustration. You see unbeknown to me the first bat I purchased was designed for power hitters, it was what is called a 243 turn bat meaning that it has a large barrel with a short taper from the handle.  The 243’s are end heavy making it very difficult for a novice like myself to swing quickly and hit the ball, I was constantly late to the ball and was easily struck out. I had no chance.

I had no idea about a bat’s turn model (balance), length, or weight. All I was told was to get a 33 inch -3 or 30oz bat so I looked online found a nice-looking grey/blue bat (the one in the middle) that was on special for $200 down from the usual price of $250, a bargain, so I thought!

Being the geek that I am and wanting to improve I did a lot of reading and research on bats and learned why I was struggling to hit the ball, the bat wasn’t suitable for me.  I learned that a 271 turn bat which is more balanced would be better suited to me so I jumped online and bought a DeMarini 271 and my world changed. I was now hitting the ball in fact my best hit fell just 5 meters short of being a home run. I was starting to really enjoy playing baseball.

Because I based my initial bat purchase on price and looks I almost gave up playing this amazing game in frustration.

In many ways purchasing a gym membership is similar to my baseball bat experience, the vast majority of people purchase memberships on who is the cheapest or has the best-looking equipment but drop off quickly because of lack of results or support which is a shame because it takes a lot for someone that has never trained before to take that first step to do something.

Imagine what would happen if all 3,000 members of a typical gym turned up Monday morning to train?

The majority of clients seek help from fitness coaches for one of three primary reasons:

  • They want to look better (lose fat or gain muscle).
  • They want to perform better in a physical pursuit or sporting activity.
  • They want to improve how they feel and move.

At Brand New Me our clients follow a 12 week structured strength & conditioning program that helps them get leaner, stronger and moving better. We know it works because we have been doing it for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of people live a more purposeful life. We have taken a program that an athlete would follow and brought it to the masses because it’s the most effective way to get results for everyone.

With that experience we have taken what really works for people:

  • Weight training using barbells and other strength equipment that follows the principles of progressive overload.
  • Playing the long game. Breaking 12 months into 4 x 12 week programs that consistently see improvements in strength, movement and body composition.
  • Conditioning training that targets the different energy systems of the body to enhance performance, movement and reduce fat.
  • Nutrition advice and education that supports the training that we do and helps people look and feel amazing without dieting.
  • Support from highly experienced and qualified strength and conditioning coaches. We actually coach our clients face to face in small groups to ensure correct technique, client safety and results.

Having a McLaren F1 racing car in your driveway doesn’t mean you can drive it like Daniel Ricciardo; you are going to need someone to teach you how to drive it. If you want to “tone up” flash treadmills or group fitness classes won’t help you build muscle or create a metabolism to get you lean and how do you use all those machines and why are they called “free” weights?

Gym memberships give you access to the equipment, they are like hiring tools but without an architects plan to follow or the knowledge of how to use them nothing is going to be built.

So, before you dive into the cheapest deal going or get starry eyed over the rows of treadmills think hard about your goals and whether they have the coaches and programs that will actually deliver your goals without incurring additional costs.

If you would like to talk about your goals and the best solution (bat) for you then reach out, we would be happy to chat to you without any obligation. We hate seeing people that have a desire to get stronger and leaner fall by the wayside and become the 85% of gym members that give up after 6 months. Just reach out via phone, email or just drop in. http://brandnewme.com.au/contact/