Get Off The Diet Merry Go Round

Meet our latest superstar transformation.  Tiffany is a 29 year old wife and mum to 2 young children who had tried everything and some to lose weight.

Tiffany did what most women do, she went on diets, challenges, Personal Trainers, detox’s, everything.

In fact Tiff’s diet attempts read like a who’s who of the diet industry, she really did try everything and when it didn’t work she tried it again or something new thinking she was the failure not the diet.  Here is just some of the diets she had tried:

  • Isagenix
  • Weight Watchers twice.
  • Herbalife
  • Michelle Bridges 5 times.
  • Lose the Baby Weight shake diet
  • Shake diets
  • Lemon Detox twice.
  • 12 week challenges
  • Emily Skye challenge
  • A Personal Trainer hat had her doing cardio classes twice a day 6 days a week as well as putting her on a 1200 Calorie diet. (Unfortunately this type of uneducated trainer is in abundance in the fitness industry)

Michelle Bridges 5 times!  No wonder Michelle is worth millions.  Unfortunately these types of programs fail because they are  unsustainable. Are you going to stay on shakes for the rest of your life or detox every month, your body can’t run on 1200 Calories forever!  At some point normality must return, or your body fights the loss, it’s what it’s designed to do, keep you alive!

The single biggest problem with all of these solutions is they don’t address the underlying habits, hello yoyo diet lifestyle as those habits resurface.

As well with each failure Tiffany’ self esteem just got lower and lower. She began to fear going on the next diet because these would fail again and her self confidence would again take another hit.

Almost 12 months ago Tiffany nervously walked into our Nambucca Heads studio for a free consultation not knowing if this would lead to yet another failure.  To her surprise she was told her that it wasn’t her fault, crap like this is unfortunately the norm for the fitness and diet industry, it’s just one money making scam after another.

10 months later Tiffany is down over 20kg and has lost around 100cm.  She now deadlifts over 120kg, and is an inspiration to the other ladies in her weights group.  She has done this without counting one calorie, eating a lot of nutritious and delicious food.  Tiff does 2 x 45 minute weights sessions (FIRE) a week and 2-3 x 30 minute cardio classes a week so all up 3 hours a week training, just 2% of her week.

One of the main driving reasons for her change was Tiffany’s fear that her children would grow up with the same food “issues” and body image problems she was dealing with.  She wants her children to know that food is just fuel and how to use food to look and feel amazing, kind of like her grand parents.

How did she succeed where everything else failed?  A lot of things add up to her success, a supportive partner, a great support network of like minded members, trainers that are coaches and took the time to understand Tiffany and her unique situation.  A research based transformation program designed to change body composition, not just lose weight. The world’s best habits based online coaching program that has helped over 45,000 people.

Tiffany and her husband Shane now train, do more with the kids like family fun runs, feel amazing and look terrific.
This is a letter Tiffany had to write to her “old self” as part of our coaching program:
Dear old you,  
I’m sorry you let yourself think for so long that becoming healthy was too hard or something that you couldn’t do. I’m sorry that you wasted so much time being unhappy with yourself and not truly living the life a young person should be living. I’m sorry that you let yourself be consumed by your weight and that you lost your confidence and self worth because of it. I’m sorry that you felt the need to punish yourself for every failed attempt at changing your lifestyle. I’m sorry that you lacked energy and the ability to manage the stress in your life.  I’m sorry that you couldn’t be the best version of you. 
I wish you knew what I know now. I wish you knew how happy you could be, I wish you knew how much energy you could have, I wish you knew how much easier it is than you think, I wish you knew the things you could be capable of and I wish you knew that it was possible to start living yourself again. There’s so many more possibilities than you know right now and there are so many more people willing to support you than you know.  
Love from the new me
If you are tired of all the crap the fitness industry goes on with and want to say goodbye to the “old you”.  If you want a real and sustainable solution that lasts forever then we would love to show you how you can write your own letter. Contact Us.  We guarantee you will get a result.