How Do You Drop Dress Sizes…


How do you go from a size 18/20 to a size 12?

You get strong!  Physically, mentally and emotionally!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of empowerment, the realisation of being able to do so much more than you ever thought possible (including surprising yourself by fitting into a size 12 for the first time since you were 15 years old!!).  Weight training has been exactly that for me, and not because of the changes in how my body looks, but in what my body and mind can do!

I am capable of more now than I ever thought I would be, whether that be squatting 110kg’s or carrying both of my children (one straddling my hip and the other hitching a ride on my back) across a hot car park because they are shoeless after our trip to the beach, without even giving it a second thought (because 40kgs is a lot less than the 110kg squat I already mentioned!).

But it’s not just muscle that we are building in the weights room, its mental and emotional strength too, because when you build one, you build the others. I now have the mental and emotional strength to deal with life’s ups and downs better than ever before.  As a working mum of two children, I am able to better manage work stress, family pressures and balance schedules like a pro.  Running from work to swimming lessons and then to the gym (because if I can make time for my kids I can make time for me too!) before heading home for the dinner and bedtime routine, all the while feeling like I have forgotten something ‘because this feels too easy’, is not how I would have previously handled this pressure.

Resistance training has allowed me to stop thinking about what I needed to lose and focus on what I can gain. Strength, mental wellbeing, confidence (and a new wardrobe!).  I’ve stopped searching for what I was looking for in the mirror and starting looking within.


When you are able to feel proud of what your body can do, confidence grows. When you learn to acknowledge that your body deserves the best, self love grows. When you learn to be confident in yourself and love who you are, happiness grows.


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