Don't Be Afraid

Phone rings ring ring.

Good morning Brand New Me Studio Philip speaking.

Hi my name is Lisa and I was looking at your website and Facebook and really like the message you guys are telling.

Me:  Hey that’s great Lisa, we like the message as well.  How can I help?

Lisa: Well I’m tired of having no energy and feeling fat.  My husband isn’t interested in me any more and none of my clothes fit.

Me: Ok Lisa we can help you find your mojo again when would you like to pop in tomorrow and have a chat about your goals and what programs would help?

Lisa: Sure but I can’t do anything for the next couple weeks as my shifts at work are changing.  Can I contact you in a couple weeks?

“I’ll resume healthy eating after my vacation… once the baby is born… after Dad gets out of the hospital… January 1… Monday.” While this kind of “pause-button mentality” seems reasonable, it could be ruining your health and fitness. Here’s why, and what to do about it.Precision Nutrition in a recent blog called this the pause button mentality.

But here’s the problem: The pause-button mentality only builds the skill of pausing.

Whether it’s tomorrow, Monday, next week, or even next year, hitting that imaginary pause button gives you some sense of relief.

This perceived relief is compounded by the illusion that if we “start fresh” later we can find the magical “right time” to begin.