Clark Kent To Superman

How many people do you know that are fitter and stronger in their 40’s than they were in their 30’s?

Brian loves his rugby, touch footy and Oztag and has the talent to play any position on the field.  Those of you who play a contact sport or any sport at a high level know how hard it is to back up each week for a season and continue to push the body hard.  As most people age the aches take longer to get over, the speed and strength diminish and we lose the ability to play the sport we love at any level let alone at an elite level.

Towards the end of the season last year Brian and his wife Renee started doing our Accelerate Program.  A research based resistance training program combined with the worlds best online nutrition program that gets amazing results.

Over the last 4 months Brian has achieved some amazing things.  His reserve grade team played in the grand final and Brian had a blinder but unfortunately the Coffs Snappers lost to Hastings Valley Vikings.

His Oztag team took out the Australian over 40’s title in Coffs Harbour this year making them National Champions in this huge event that attracts thousands of competitors from all over Australia.  Even with all the games they had to play over that weekend Brian was one of the few that was physically able to back up for the regular competition mid week.

He has taken his Deadlift from 112.5kg to 192.5kg, squats from 35kg to 130kg and bench press 40kg to80kg.

In Brian’s own words he has not been this light or strong for a very long time.  He is down 8kg on the scales but he has probably lost 11kg in fat building a couple kilo in muscle. Brian is now able to play longer, faster and better than he has been able to in years and instead of finishing his career last year is now looking at playing this year in first grade.

Congratulations to a true role model to his family and a leader amongst his friends and colleagues.  Age shouldn’t be considered a reason to stop living a full and happy life.