Big Goals Need Little Goals

You have set yourself a big goal, congratulations. That goal may be to stop smoking, drink less, lose weight, run the City 2 Surf or in my case achieve my Karate Black Belt To achieve a Karate Black Belt takes around 4 years, a long time to stay focused on a goal, so how did…

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Mindset Matters

Training mindset..  There’s never a perfect day for training, we all have things going on in our lives that we use as a reason to not give our all, every day you could find an “out”, find the reason you can’t do something.   It could be that it’s a session you don’t like (most of the…

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Will This Make The Boat Go Faster

Will this make the boat go faster? On Sunday 24th September 2000 the British rowing team coxed mens 8 were about to start their race on Penrith Lakes at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They hadn’t won an Olympic Gold medal since Stockholm in 1912, 88 years previously.

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