The BNM Nutrition Philosophy

I recently did a post showing our trainer Emma’s stunning transformation from an overweight mum of 5 to a Personal Trainer, Transformation Specialist and Nutrition Coach who competes in physique competitions and helps others live healthy lives.

Whilst the overwhelming majority of comments (over 100) were positive and saw Em’s transformation as inspirational and empowering for other mum’s that struggle with their weight and may be feeling that life overwhelms them.  There was however one negative comment lacking an understanding of the BNM philosophy that made me think… We need to be clearer in our message.

Unfortunately there are people in bodybuilding that do suffer from disordered eating.  There are comp prep coaches that put their clients on ridiculously low calories, there are unqualified trainers that give meal plans to clients (this is outside most PT’s scope of practice and insurance) that have nothing but chicken, broccoli and rice at every meal.  But to assume that this is what Brand New Me teaches clients makes uninformed assumptions and lacks awareness of our fight against this side of the fitness industry.

It’s like saying all fitness centres do the same style workouts, there is no difference between a Les Mills group fitness gym, Powerlifting centre, Crossfit box or the Strength, Conditioning and Movement based training we do at BNM.  It’s this thinking that also labels everyone of a certain race or religious persuasion as the same.  It’s just shows a level of ignorance and is narrow minded. As coaches/trainers we always try to understand where our clients are at, what they know and what roadblocks they have.

Emma’s transformation was through finding her reason to change, what we call her “why” because without that there is no transformation.  Successful people commit, they go all in, they listen, learn and implement. They take action. Competing was something Em had always wanted to do but thought the opportunity had passed her by.

We taught Emma about eating for a transformation, not starving for weight loss.  There was no counting calories or macros,  no meal plans, there was just replacing poor food choices with food that nourishes and fuels her training.  We educated Emma about meal construction for lifelong sustainable success. We shifted her mindset to one of accomplishment and an anything is possible.  Our focus is on teaching our clients how to eat for maximum performance.

We are very much against the industry norm of stupid diets! If you train with purpose, then you need to eat with purpose… the two are not exclusive.  We don’t demonise food, if you want chocolate, eat it and definitely don’t get the guilts over it.

All of our clients are encouraged to eat and eat a lot. One of our favourite sayings is “the more you chew the more you lose” obviously we are talking nutritious vegetables and fruit, increasing the ratio of omega 3’s and protein… not smashing down take away or doughnuts.

Yes, in comp prep Emma does track her calories and macros and for those that like numbers her calorie intake in comp prep is around 1800 Cal at a healthy 54kg body weight, she is in the healthy BMI range (22.1).  Outside of competition there is no tracking calories. It’s a sustainable lifestyle of just eating healthy food, it is not an obsession.  Emma likes eating and eating a lot, including chocolate. Every work shift she takes her four prepared meals loaded with vegetables, protein and healthy fats.

The truth is that the further you’re away from where Emma is competing in bodybuilding, the less you have to your track macros or calories.  If you need to lose more than 15% body weight, then there are much bigger issues and habits to resolve before you get to begin counting macros.  Trainers that give meal plans or macro breakdowns to obese people are missing an opportunity to really make a difference through education, creating a new healthy mindset and supporting that with sustainable habits.

If you would like to learn how to never diet again, look and feel amazing without starving yourself, have energy to burn to spend with family or doing what you love as well as teaching your family what sustainable good health is, then contact us today.

We will be running our 12 Week Nutrition coaching program from 28th May.  This is the program Emma, her mother and thousands of other people that want to get off the diet industry merry go round have completed to change their lives forever.  After completing this program one of our clients commented “I feel like I have been given the keys to a powerful Ferrari, now I just need to drive it”



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