Big Goals Need Little Goals

You have set yourself a big goal, congratulations. That goal may be to stop smoking, drink less, lose weight, run the City 2 Surf or in my case achieve my Karate Black Belt

To achieve a Karate Black Belt takes around 4 years, a long time to stay focused on a goal, so how did I make it work?

In Karate there are 10 grades to Black Belt. To achieve the next grade or belt you needed to do a certain number of classes, demonstrate the required kicks, punches and kata or pattern for that belt and pass the grading.

The karate system breaks down that big goal of a Black Belt into smaller more achievable goals the different coloured belts. A simple system of small achievable goals.

I achieved my Black belt and went on to complete 3 more gradings as a Black Belt to achieve my 2nd degree BB grading. A process taking some 8 years, thousands of hours training and a lot of progress goals.

So for me it was about setting the manageable goal of attending 4 classes a week and performing 30 minutes training at home daily.

Big goals need to have progress goals, by breaking it down into smaller more manageable goals (4 classes a week) the big goal is in the distance and manageable

So now that you have set your big goal what smaller progress goals do you need to put in place to ensure you achieve your big goal? Because a big goal without a plan will fail every time. The bigger the goal the more smaller more manageable progress goals are needed.

If your goal is to lose 10kg that’s fantastic. As a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist that has helped hundreds of people I know you have to get stronger, move more, eat better and sleep better. Like stepping stones across a river what steps do you need to put in place to cross your river?.

My top tip. If you want to succeed get a coach, I didn’t get my black belt without a lot of help from instructors, fellow karatka, and my family. Everyone needs a coach and team around them, even the local under sixes soccer team has a coach.

Coaches can help you break down the big goals into progress goals they find your super powers, what you are best at, they help you overcome the inevitable obstacles and they keep you accountable.

So set yourself that big goal you can do it, set progress goals and if you need help reach out here.