ANZAC Day and Systems

Marching at the Nambucca Heads ANZAC day celebrations this week got me thinking. For me it had been 30 years since I had to march for a living and for some of the other ex-serviceman and women in our flight it would have been over 50 years yet when the command “by the right, quick march” was given we all stepped forward with our left foot into a 30 inch step.

This got me thinking, how is it that after so long 24 men and women can still march well? Systems and education, the military runs on systems and procedures for everything, even what time to eat and where and how to get fed. If the Air Force didn’t have systems planes would fall out of the sky, people would get killed.

Having Systems Ensures Success

So what has this got to do with Brand New Me?

Glad you asked. You see we have systems, we don’t leave things to chance. Let’s take a normal commercial gym. You join up and are then left to your own devices, you are now on the hope and dream plan. There is no instruction on how to achieve your goals and no plan, you turn up to classes jump around and hope you get the results you are looking for.

If you employ a Personal Trainer he or she will probably offer you a discount if you buy 10 sessions, where is their focus, what’s the plan, what’s the long term strategy to help you achieve your goals, what systems do they have to guarantee results or are you just buying workouts? Can you really get an amazing looking body from just 10 sessions? Will you learn about carbs, proteins and fats and where these fit into healthy body composition, what about you, your mindset and your relationship with food. There is eating and exercise for weight loss and then their is eating and exercise for an amazing healthy body, they are different.

At Brand New Me we have systems, we use evidence based products we can match to your goals. systems that we have refined over the years, systems that have helped hundreds of clients achieve great results, systems that work. Systems that educate, we think long term success not quick fix solutions that never fix the underlying issues or do not promote optimal health.

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, lose fat and gain muscle, improve your cardio vascular fitness, do triathlons, rehab an injury? All of these goals require different approaches the same as a gymnast requires a different program to a football player or cyclist. To think just joining a gym or smashing out some workouts at your local fitness centre will cover all these scenarios is just dumb.

At Brand New Me our systems of exercise, strength and nutrition get results, they are tailored to each client’s individual goals, meaning if you do the work we guarantee the result.

If you are someone that is serious about getting a result rather than following the hope and dream plan then hit the contact us now button to arrange a free, no obligation strategy meeting to find out what you need to do and if we can help in that process. We will listen and then give you some suggestions, without obligation.