Amazing Lisa J

What does it feel like struggling with unwanted weight and feeling like you have lost control over your health.  Your weight means you have constant joint pain  which you treat daily with pain killers. On top of this you have the pressures of family, work commitments and running your own business. It’s a struggle keeping up physically and mentally, things, life just seems to keep pushing you back at every turn. On top of all this your Dr is urging you to take action, your health is suffering- you need to do something and fast. You have tried all the diets, PT’s, Gyms but nothing is working, and you’re so confused about what to do next….

We would like to introduce you to Lisa…..

For the last 5 months our beautiful client Lisa has been following our Accelerate program, a program of weight training twice a week and a habits based online nutrition coaching course.


The visit to the Dr was a wake up call, the push she needed to get serious about her health if she was to have a few more trips around the sun. lisa’s Dr informed her she had liver damage, high cholesterol and was pre diabetic, Lisa decided to take action and seek help and following the recommendation of a friend that was training at BNM she contacted us. After a consultation Lisa committed to our Accelerate program, and has been working steadily since.

Recently Lisa had a routine check-up with her Dr and was feeling hopeful that she would receive better news regarding her health. And guess what? She did! Since her last check up, Lisa’s liver health has improved substantially, she is no longer pre- diabetic and her cholesterol is down!! To top off such great news regarding her health, Lisa is down 13kgs, has more energy and is feeling much healthier.

‘I was so relieved and happy to get those results’ I sat down for a chat with Lisa to discuss her fantastic news, and Lisa shared with me that some other pretty cool stuff was happening too…. ‘People are starting to notice the change in me, which is great because I feel so motivated to keep going. Since starting my lessons and making some lifestyle changes, my husband is on board, he eats what I eat and helps keep me accountable. Pete got a glowing report from the Dr as well and was told whatever he was doing to keep doing it!! I know my daily lessons help keep me focussed on my habits and behaviours, and they are helping to change the way I think about health, nutrition and lifestyle”.

Lisa and Coach Tiff

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops for Lisa, who runs a very busy business in the Nambucca Valley (Midcoast Hire – check them out!) with her husband Peter, and like most of us feels the pinch of a very hectic schedule. This can place serious demands on her time and priorities that in the past would push Lisa and her health to the bottom of the list. She admits her journey so far has had its roadblocks and pitfalls however, aiming to be just 1% better today than you were yesterday, adds up to significant change in the long run.

She admits her journey so far has had its roadblocks and pitfalls but learning to ‘unlearn’ the bad habits and behaviours we have developed and negotiate life’s hurdles is the only way to move forward. And really, moving forward is the only option.

Lisa with her training partners Alison and Liz

Lisa also suffers chronic knee, hip and shoulder issues to the point where she has had hip and knee replacement surgery, however this hasn’t stopped her getting strong! Under a very watchful eye, and with careful programming, Lisa can now safely bench press around 40kgs, squat over 50kg and leg press 200kgs!! “Wow, I really didn’t think I could do that’ is a phrase we hear a lot during our training sessions with Lisa. She quite often surprises herself with what she can do….. Not us though. We have every faith in Lisa and wish to congratulate her on her progress so far! Well done Lisa… keep moving forward.