About BNM

If you've ever walked into a fitness facility you know how easy it is to feel lost, overwhelmed or intimidated, especially if you're new to fitness or feel out of shape. 

Many of our clients come to us because they are frustrated with their current training regiem, they are tired of busting their asses with little or no results because of ineffective group fitness workouts that lack the guidance to achieve the results they want.

"Coaching Isn't Something You Do To Someone, It's Something You Do With Them"

The BNM Lean & Strong program builds muscle to get you strong and lean by following the principles of adaptation, progressive overload, manipulating volume, intensity and frequency. You can't argue with science, it's why we can guarantee your success.

Lean & Strong program is designed to achieve specific outcomes for our members, to get the women Lean and Toned, and the guys Powerful and Strong. We are the only fitness centre on the Coffs Coast to offer specific Strength and Conditioning programs matched with a Nutrition and recovery program to build healthy humans.

"Focus On Being Great. Be The Greatest At What You Do"

The Brand New Me Method is a holistic (training, nutrition, stress, sleep, and recovery) health oriented (not just workouts) program that consistently delivers results in body composition and performance. There is nothing random about the BNM Lean and Strong program.

Brand New Me are the specialists in delivering weight training and nutrition programs for body re-composition, there is nothing as effective as a solid weights program matched with athletic eating. 

"The Best Way For A Coach To Become Stronger Is To Lift Someone Else Up"

Our highly experienced coaches have delivered over 20,000 training sessions so we know what really works, and you are in safe hands.

If you want to feel secure in a non-judgemental, supportive environment following a no BS research based program that is simple and guarantees results then we have the solution for you.

The BNM Method

The Brand New Me Method

"For us it's Personal. We want you to get Results, and we guarantee it"

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Our Trainers

Our specialist coaches have undergone training with some of the world's leading coaches, nutritionists and PhD's to provide you with the best evidence based program possible.  Our focus is on helping you become a superstar, to be the healthiest possible version of you. We don't focus on weight, we focus on optimal performance, vitality and health because we believe being a healthy weight is a consequence of having a healthy body.

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Our Programs

Our face to face and online programs focus on improving body composition, strength and ultimately your health using the four pillars of success, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Accountability. Our holistic "health focused"  approach combines effective resistance training to build muscle and change body shape, conditioning sessions to improve cardiovascular fitness and our world leading habits based nutrition program and lifestyle coaching to help with sleep, stress and recovery to educate you about a sustainable lifestyle and change your life forever!


We Encourage

We encourage you every step of the way to provide you with a structure that is both realistic and effective that won't consume your life.  In our safe and capable hands, we will ensure that you reach your goals in an enjoyable, non-intimidating environment. So if you want to look and feel great without food deprivation, 'dieting', or putting your body through endless strenuous ineffective cardio based workouts contact us to see if we can help with your transformation.

Meet Our Awesome Team

We believe in inspiring people to live lives filled with purpose people, we believe in thinking differently.
Every Moment A Coach Spends With A Client Should Be Focused On Making Them Better

Philip Atkinson

Phil founded Brand New Me over 10 years ago after undergoing his own transformation losing over 30kg and discovering a passion for helping people get healthier and fitter. With a strong commitment to the evidence based benefits of strength training and simple nutrition Phil has helped thousands of people lead healthier lives. "If I change one person that has ripple effect for whole families living an active, healthy lifestyle." Phil is a highly qualified coach having trained with many of the worlds best coaches and nutritionists. Phil has attained many high level certifications as a Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer as well as having completed Canadian Strength Coach & Nutritionist Dan Garner's Nutrition and Training mentorships. As a 2nd degree black belt in Karate and having taught Karate for over 10 years Philip understands how to bring out the best in clients.

Karlee Landrigan

Karlee is our head trainer and brings a lot of life skills to the BNM team having undergone her own transformation from overweight "stuck in a rut" mum of three to Personal Trainer, PN Exercise Nutritionist and Strongman Coach. Karlee understands that lasting change is based on creating new habits by making small daily changes, having a powerful reason to change, a good coach and surrounding yourself with a supportive team. The importance of women incorporating lifting weights into their training for not just transformations but improving self confidence, bone density, hormonal balance and many other physical and mental health benefits is something Karlee is passionate about. Karlee shares the BNM values of a simple holistic approach to health involving training, nutrition, sleep and recovery. She loves helping men and women realise their full potential through strength training and good nutrition to support your training.

James Shelley
Strongman Coach

James has a love for all things Strongman and with Karlee coaches our Saturday morning Strongman sessions. James is very good at helping those new to weight training in our Lean & Strong program get comfortable lifting weights and discovering how capable they really are by taking the time to go through the exercises safely. 

Josie Warren
Trainee Coach

Josie and her twin sister Emily are our school based trainees who loves playing baseball, AFL and touch football (she has been selected for the QLD Baseball Women's Development Squad) and being involved in the fitness industry.  Emily is undertaking a school based traineeship with Brand New Me and is looking forward to becoming a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and Nutritionist so she can help people embrace a healthier lifestyle, changing the world one person at a time.

Emily Warren
Trainee Coach

Emily and her twin sister Josie are our school based trainees who loves playing baseball (she has been selected for the QLD Baseball Women's Development Squad) and being involved in the fitness industry.  Emily is undertaking a school based traineeship with Brand New Me and is looking forward to becoming a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and Nutritionist so she can help people embrace a healthier lifestyle, changing the world one person at a time.

Kate Atkinson

Kate is a Mac Nutrition Uni graduate having studied under Martin MacDonald a clinical performance nutritionist. Being a coeliac Kate has a speciality in this disease and optimising training performance through good nutrition. Kate can help with weight loss goals through education not just calorie counting.

Kate aligns with the values of BNM is approaching health in a holistic way, looking at the person as a whole covering nutrition, sleep, stress and recovery.

Misty Atkinson
Meet & Greet

Misty is our 6 year old Stumpy Tailed Red Cattle Dog who just loves saying hello to everyone. Misty spends her days at BNM greeting everyone and letting the kids pat her. As well as being very smart and obedient she is a gentle loving sole who loves meeting new people.