9 Facts About Us That Will Make You Question Your Current Fitness Regime

 🕺 We have FUN! Studies have shown that you are more likely to stick to an exercise/ fitness regime if its enjoyable. 😃 And the longer you stick to something the higher your chances of success! Are you having a great time and enjoying yourself while you work out?
🕺 Our group fitness classes are designed to make you strong, and burn fat! We use science based principles when designing our class programs- guaranteed to get you results and improve all areas of your fitness. PLUS they run for just 30 – 45mins! You have a life to live outside of your workouts! Go and live it!!
🕺 Our centre has no mirrors!!! Yes, you read that right. Not a mirror in sight! We know that NOBODY looks their best during a tough workout- (Instagram tells lies- just saying 😉) and working out without mirrors in a fitness centre that doesn’t feel like your typical gym is a WIN!
🕺 We have a strong support system. Our community Rocks! Our members support and encourage each other both face to face and in our online communities! We are like minded individuals who genuinely want to see each other succeed. We do not tolerate nastiness or negativity! NO HATERS!
🕺 As trainers we are constantly learning and up- skilling. We have a burning desire to bring you the best, and most effective training systems and nutrition coaching available. Your success is our success. We want you to succeed!
🕺 It’s all about YOU! Your goals matter to us, and we love seeing our members improve and enrich their lives through fitness and fun! No one wants to put the work in without the results. You will not be left alone to train and figure it all out by yourself. We are there every step of the way to support and guide you.
🕺 Between our Nambucca centre and our Coffs centre we have 17 group fitness classes on offer. Your membership gets you access to both centres and as many group fitness classes as you can handle! We cater for all ages and fitness levels with an abundance of class times to suit your busy schedule!
🕺You don’t even need to be located near us!! We have both your workouts and nutrition covered with our world class online coaching program! Working remotely with a PT/ coach has never been easier!
🕺 We are AFFORDABLE! At just $26.95 per week with no lock in contracts, unlimited group fitness, community support, and opportunities to level up your training and progress through our systems, you can definitely afford to switch up your current program and give us a try!
Summer is just around the corner. Stop over analysing and just do it!
If this sounds like what you are looking for why not jump on a discovery call to see if we are a good fit.  Just fill out the Contact Us and we will be in touch. No salesy pressure just a genuine desire to help.