Ditch The Diet For Good! Lose Stubborn Body Fat, Build Muscle/Tone Up And Boost Your Energy Levels

We specialise in helping the non gym mum's and dad's look and feel amazing!


Hi, I am coach Phil, and we have just launched something new and exciting for the women of Coffs Harbour and its surrounds.

The 28 day kickstart is tailored around improving your health, movement, strength and body composition so you look and feel amazing 💪🕺. We are going to give you everything you need to kickstart your health and fitness, training - nutrition - recovery and accountability and we are so confident in our ability to get results we guarantee to get you stronger, have you moving better and drop a dress size or you train for free.*

No gimmicks, excessive cardio or restrictive diets. We have been delivering holistic health and fitness solutions to the mid north coast for over a decade and have helped hundreds of people get their health back on track permanently. This is a proven evidence-based kickstart that is exactly what you have been looking for.

What's included in the 28 Day Kickstart:

🎉 Goal-setting session

🎉 Nutrition Consult with a qualified nutritionist

🎉  Daily small group sessions with a qualified coach

🎉  Personalised Meal Plan with a grocery list

🎉  Nutrition guides - Eating out guide, Kitchen makeover

🎉  Daily feedback and advice from expert coaches

🎉  Accountability Coach to stay on track

🎉  Access to our private FB group with lifestyle tips and group support with like-minded people

🎉  Recipes  

This offer is risk-free, the only thing guaranteed not to help you achieve your goals is you walking away from this offer.

I know we can only make such a guarantee because we are extremely confident that what we have is the real deal and I'm fairly confident that when you sign up you’re getting exactly what you need to get leaner, stronger and healthier. 

"Since joining the BNM family, I have found that there are always trainers readily available and they are always very interested in helping and correcting my technique when required, they are constantly my
Motivation and inspiration. The members I have met are such a welcoming and motivating group of people. This is the first small group training I have ever enjoyed"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Recommended by Julie F


  • You are required to train a minimum of 3 days per week.
  • Respond to all messages from your coach.
  • Medication may influence results.
  • 90% consistent with nutrition.
  • Complete weekly check-ins.

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