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Women Are Different

Women are different! For decades the fitness industry has trained women the same as men, or worse, encouraged women into aerobics classes telling them they will look like men if they pick up any weight heavier than 2kg. This mindset came about in the 80’s bodybuilding era when gyms needed a softer image to market…

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Big Goals Need Little Goals

You have set yourself a big goal, congratulations. That goal may be to stop smoking, drink less, lose weight, run the City 2 Surf or in my case achieve my Karate Black Belt To achieve a Karate Black Belt takes around 4 years, a long time to stay focused on a goal, so how did…

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Mindset Matters

Training mindset..  There’s never a perfect day for training, we all have things going on in our lives that we use as a reason to not give our all, every day you could find an “out”, find the reason you can’t do something.   It could be that it’s a session you don’t like (most of the…

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