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Helping you to achieve results is very important to us here at BNM.

When you join the Brand New Me Elite Program we know you are wanting to get the best results possible. We have taken care of the programming but nutrition is just as important so we want to give you a kick start in the right direction.

So to help get you get results even faster we have put together a FREE Starter pack of goodies valued at over $120 to help when you join our amazing Elite program.

The Brand New Me Elite Program is a game changer in health and fitness! This isn't "workouts" this is a structured program of strength, conditioning, nutrition and mindset that consistently delivers amazing results.

Join us today and in 7 days you will be Stronger, Move Better and have more Energy. You may even lose some weight but that's not our main focus. If you train with purpose and eat for recovery then the kilos can't help but come off, it's what we have done for hundreds of clients without a single "diet", detox or meal plan. 

If you are serious we would love to have you join us on the Brand New Me Elite Program:

  • Unlimited workouts, strength and conditioning

  • Goals Setting Consultation

  • Movement Assessment

  • 500g tub Creatine

  • Tub Bsc Protein

  • 30 Protein Recipe Book

  • Shaker Bottle

Bonus Starter Pack

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