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The Brand New Me Elite Program

The Brand New Me Elite Program is a game changer in health and fitness! This isn't "workouts" this is a structured program of strength, conditioning, nutrition and mindset for amazing results.

Join us today and in 7 days you will be Stronger, Move Better and have more Energy. You may even lose some weight but that's not our main focus. If you train with purpose and eat for recovery then the kilos can't help but come off, it's what we have done for hundreds of clients without a single "diet", detox or meal plan. 

At BNM we give our clients the tools needed for a body transformation for life. A new lifestyle of Exercise, Nutrition and Recovery to look and feel amazing.

Our mission is to help people get stronger, move better and perform at their optimal ability without fad diets or exercise programs.

What you get on the Brand New Me Elite Program:

  • Unlimited workouts, strength and conditioning

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for Nutrition and Training Tips

  • 36 Page Recipe Book

  • Class sizes are capped at 18 with minimum 2 coaches per class

  • Skilled Coaches to bring out your best safely

  • Results based program

  • Support and Accountability

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