Whatever your fitness level there is something to help you achieve your goals. Highly qualified and experienced coaches can help you with Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition Coaching, Strongman, everything to get you performing at your best.


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High Performance Group Training

The Brand New Me Elite Program. BNM Elite is a program that combines Strength Training, Conditioning Workouts, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery education to get you results. There is nothing like this program in any fitness centre. The BNM Elite program has consistently achieved amazing results in strength, body composition (fat loss), performance and health for our clients. Strong, Happy and Healthy Humans.


BNM F.I.R.E Program

Focused.Intense.Resistance.Exercise. Our FIRE program is a 12 week semi private strength coaching program for those with Body Composition or Strength goals. This is the ideal program for those that are looking to get "Toned" or build muscle and lose fat.  We use an evidence based program that has helped hundreds of people look and feel amazing in their own skin.

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Personal Training

Private 1 on 1 and small group PT sessions that are tailored to your specific requirements. For those that want to work privately with a highly experienced and qualified Personal Trainer, S&C Coach and Nutritionist to achieve amazing results. A coach that has the experience and skills to get clients fast results.


Personalised Nutrition Coaching

In Australia anyone can call themselves a "Nutritionist". At BNM you work with a Mac Nutrition Uni qualified nutritionist to tailor a plan especially for you and your goals. If weight loss or gain, sports performance, contest prep or just help understanding sensible eating are your goals we can help you get the results you are looking for.


Athlete Development

The BNM Athlete Development program is for athletes that want to take their performance to the next level by working with an Personal Trainer who is a ASADA certified and an experienced ASCA qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach


12 Week Nutrition Education

Our proven 12 week nutrition program helps educate people about eating for body transformation and health. This is nutrition education not some fad that hands out a meal plan and starves you. You will learn about nutrient partitioning and nutrient timing. You will learn about the habit loop and how to create new healthier lifestyle habits. This program has helped thousands of people get off the diet merry go round.

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