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Over 100,000 people have lost weight without restrictive diets, calorie counting, or starving themselves - You can too!

People lost weight

You can too!

Have you tried dieting only to have the weight come back with interest?  Are you looking for a solution where you never diet again but look and feel amazing?  

As qualified PN coaches we are able to coach you to look and feel amazing, you just have to say yes "I never want to diet again" and click the Start Now button to begin feeling better today.

Whole person focus.

With the PN ProCoach curriculum we are able to coach nutrition, exercise to suit your goals, sleep, lifestyle, recovery, behaviour change, social support, and mindset.

One of the major shortcomings with diet programs is a lack of accountability, with ProCoach you check in daily so any problems are addressed immediately. 

You’ll get hundreds of lessons, assessments, habits and assignments, all structured into customised programs for you.  You choose whether to workout from home, gym or a quick workout. The workouts are tailoured to your goals and have full video instruction.

You will receive 12 months of lessons, workouts  and habits tailored to your goals.  The days of following meal plans that have a 95% failure rate are behind you.

All your lessons, workouts and habits in one simple to understand workspace that can be accessed anywhere in the world on any device.
It's personal, it accepts you for who you are, and it'll change your life.

Whole person focus.

Research-proven nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Online Coaching

Free up your time

ProCoach frees up your time by delivering your daily habits / workouts, lessons, assignments, and more.

Online Coaching

Nutrition Software

ProCoach helps you get life-changing results, across all devices, take Procoach with you wherever you go.

Online Coaching

New features

ProCoach listens closely to clients, responding dynamically, and creating new features every day.

Online Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

With our guidance we help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals, we work with both Men and Women personally.

See what happens with 365 days of ProCoach.

ProCoach changes lives.

The ProCoach software takes care of everything! guiding you step-by-step it does this by delivering PN’s research-proven nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Complete with:

  • daily lessons
  • workouts
  • habits
  • progress updates  and more

ProCoach For Men

ProCoach For Women

How the Program Works.

You have tried dieting a million times before, now try something different... Not dieting.

Forget calorie-counting.  Forget feeling guilty.   Forget feeling like a failure.  The truth is, we don't eat calories, or proteins, or carbs, or fats. We eat food...

Another diet?  Actually, no.  Because diets aren't the answer to anything.   Except for maybe selling books or getting on TV.  What you need, instead, is guidance.  Someone who can help you figure out what to do next.  Especially when you're stuck.   Someone who's there to help support you when challenges and difficulties come up.  Because they always do.
That's real coaching. And that's what we do at Brand New Me. We're here so you don't have to do this all alone.

Get personal support from people who care

No Fads

This is research driven.
Precision Nutrition is the largest private nutrition coaching and research company in the world having coached over 100,000 clients.
That means they do plenty of clinical research, and consult with many of the top universities, organisations, and teams around.  But that's not what makes Precision Nutrition and Brand New Me different.

What truly sets us apart: Our coaching.
What we offer our clients is special. It's personal, it accepts you for who you are, and it will change your life.
The program is based on clinical research, and has been undertaken by thousands of people.

No Templates

This is something personal.  Our team is made up of qualified PN coaches who are committed to learning and knowing exactly what each client truly needs.

Our coaches:
Really listen: To figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish.
Pay attention: To read between the lines and learn how you live.
Ask questions: To discover what's really important to you and why.
Team up: To work together and create something personal for you.
Coach and mentor: To ensure you're on track, and remove any roadblocks to your success.

Nutrition & Exercise Coaching

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Work with our your own qualified PN Coach using the most successful online coaching program in the world!

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Whole person focus.


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