Maxine Townsend

"I decided I would take control of my health"


I’ve always been athletic….. I love golf, walking and sport in general. But I have suffered some health issues over the last ten years which have seen my weight/ fitness suffer. I have been around gyms before, having once competed in bodybuilding competitions (in my 40’s). But probably due to overtraining and strict dieting, I gave that away. 

So, 12 months ago my daughter and I decided we would take control of our health…. Enter Results PT Studio.

Initially, I started with TRX. I got great results and it has improved my flexibility out of sight. My golf has never been better!! (My handicap 12 months ago was 8, it is now 4!)

Next was the MP twelve week challenge. My eating habits were poor. Living on my own made me lazy, and combined with my intolerance to salicylates (found in certain foods) I was not eating well. I had no idea where to start.

During the 12 weeks, Phil, Emma and I worked closely together to figure out which foods were causing me to have reactions, and how I could tweak my diet to accommodate my dietary needs and new MP lifestyle. I certainly had my fair share of hiccups, but with the help of Phil and Emma, I am proud to say that I completed the 12 weeks, and I’m still going strong. No more “lazy” Maxine in the kitchen- I eat 5-6 MP compliant meals per day. It really is easy now I have the tools and know- how.

After the 12 week challenge, I wanted to try FIRE. I really enjoyed lifting weights all those years ago, and I wanted to optimise my results. Unfortunately, I only got 6 weeks through when I injured myself gardening! Pinching two nerves in my lumber spine. I was devastated. However, I stuck to what I had learnt from the MP challenge, and now, two months later I am almost pain free and ready to start exercising again.

Even with my injury and interruption to my training, and my dietary issues, I have dropped two dress sizes and I am feeling more vibrant and energetic than I have in a long time. Also, at a regular check up with my GP I was informed that I could cease my blood pressure medication! Apparently, this was a really good day for him as he rarely gets to take people off their meds. He promptly told me I had Phil Atkinson to thank, and that whatever I was doing I needed to continue to do it.

Not bad for a 65 year old I suppose. Looking forward to staying strong and healthy. Thanks to Phil and the team at Results PT Studio for introducing me to the MP lifestyle.

Philip Atkinson
Emma Knights

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We didn't get into fitness to just run group fitness classes, we do this to make a difference, to empower people to not just look better but feel better about themselves, to understand that it's ok to be human. We do this to change people's lives.


Our programs focus on improving health and body composition using the four pillars of success, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Accountability. Our transformation programs combine resistance training to build muscle to improve health and change body shape, group exercise classes to improve cardiovascular fitness and our world leading habits based nutrition program to educate you about a sustainable lifestyle, not a diet, change your life forever!

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