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Welcome to the Mid North Coast's Leading Holistic Personal Training Studio

If you’ve ever walked into a fitness facility you know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed or intimidated, especially if you’re new to fitness or feel out of shape. There are so many opinions on weight loss and body composition it's mind boggling. 

Brand New Me is a new type of facility specifically geared towards healthy weight loss (think the opposite of The Biggest Loser) for people wanting to change their body composition (get toned and lose fat).

We are not a gym!  We do not have walls of mirrors and there are no boof heads on their phones taking selfies or posing making you feel uncomfortable.  We have an amazing community of supportive people who want you to succeed as well as the knowledge to have you looking amazing.

We give women a place to go where they can feel good about themselves.

Whether you are looking to fuel your self like a champion or are contemplating a weight loss journey, the foundation is the same. Matching effective training and nutrition to our clients goals is the key to optimal performamnce.

We specialise in weight training and nutrition for body re-composition, meaning not just weight loss but how to get toned whilst losing fat. Our programs combine good nutrition with a resistance training program that has consistantly delivered our clients results for over 6 years without the fads.


If your goal is to:

  • lose weight
  • change body composition
  • have more energy
  • be more confident
  • be healthier
  • never diet again
  • feel better
  • look better
  • get fitter
  • keep up with the kids
  • not struggle with food
  • stop being sick
  • improve your moods
  • gain muscle and tone up

then you might want to contact us.

If you want to feel secure in a non judgemental, supportive environment following no BS research based programs that are simple and get results that are guaranteed then we have a solution for you.

If you are looking for a team and a community that supports and guides you to a healthier version whilst understanding that you are unique and it's ok to be you, we might just be a good fit.

"We want you to get Results, and we guarantee it"

We didn't get into fitness to just run group fitness classes, we do this to make a difference, to empower people to not just look better but feel better about themselves, to understand that it's ok to be human. We do this to change people's lives.

Our trainers

As well as having gone through their own transformations our specialist coaches have undergone training with some of the world's leading coaches, nutritionists and PhD's to provide you with the best evidence based approach possible.  Our focus is on helping you become a superstar, to be the best healthiest possible version of you. We don't focus on weight, we focus on optimal health because healthy weight is a consequence of having a healthy body.

Our programs

Our programs focus on improving health and body composition using the four pillars of success, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Accountability. Our solutions combine resistance training to build muscle and change body shape, group exercise classes to improve cardiovascular fitness and our world leading habits based nutrition program to educate you about a sustainable lifestyle and change your life forever!

We encourage

We encourage you every step of the way to provide you with a training structure that is realistic and won't consume your life.  In our safe and capable hands, we will ensure that you reach your goals in an enjoyable, non-threatening, non-intimidating environment. So if you want to look and feel great without food deprivation, 'dieting', or putting your body through endless strenuous cardio based workouts drop in and see if you are the right person for our programs.

If what we do sounds like what you are looking for we would love to have a chat.

Book a free consultation and change your life forever.


Discuss your dreams.


Determine your goals.


Achieve your goals.

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Meet the Team

We believe in helping people change their lives, we believe in thinking differently.
The way we challenge the status quo is by making what we do super effective, simple to follow and fun!

Philip Atkinson
Philip AtkinsonFounder & Head Trainer Coffsphilip@brandnewme.com.au
Philip founded Brand New Me almost 10 years ago after undergoing his own transformation losing over 30kg. With a passion for helping people achieve their best he has helped hundreds of people lead healthier lives. As a 2nd degree black belt in Karate and having taught Karate for over 10 years Philip understands how to bring out the best in clients. A tradesman is only as good as the tools in his toolbox and we have a very big toolbox to draw upon.

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Emma Knights
Emma KnightsHead Trainer Nambucca Headsemma@brandnewme.com.au
Emma is a fun loving trainer who will bring out the best in you. She has an extensive knowledge of resistance training and adapting that for women and uses these skills to compete in physique competitions as well as helping clients. Emma loves empowering women and showing them what amazing things physically and mentally they are capable of. Having begun her own transformation as an overweight mum of 5 she understands the demands and aspirations of busy mums.

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Tiffany Townsend
Tiffany TownsendTrainer/Coachtiff@brandnewme.com.au
Tiff has had an amazing story to tell. She was that girl who had tried every diet, detox, online training program, weight watchers and some you have never heard of. Having over 35kg she now wants to help lead the cause of change. Tiffany is an amazing fun loving trainer/coach who is able to empathise with a clients struggles whilst showing them how to lead healthier lives. On top of all this Tiff is a whizz in the kitchen often posting her creations in our community.

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We Get Results!


Coffs Harbour: 1/21 Industrial Dr,
Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

Nambucca Heads: 10 Ken Howard Crs,
Nambucca Heads. NSW 2448

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